Friday, April 07, 2006

Rest Day Cubs Day

Well today is Friday. A rest day for Jason and Leah. This is quite good news since we were up late last night after the dentist appointment from hell.

Today is also opening day for the Cubbies who are back home at good old Wrigley Field. I'm excited to have the Cubs back in town because the neighborhood just gets busy and lively and I love it. It's especially fun to run by the ball park while a game is going on. We used to hope that we would be running by right as a home run was hit out to the street and it would just fall right in front of us. Then Jason or Leah would complete a spectacular catch and continue with the run. Now with the new bleacher expansion I guess it will be pretty hard to hit them out of the park anymore....but I was once at a game when Glen Allen Hill not only hit the ball out of the park, but hit it onto a roof across the street from the park! Now that is a hard hit ball.

Tomorrow is 5 miles at pace and then Sunday is 10 miles. These should go fine with just a small variation from the norm in that we will be running these in the evening due to me having shifts from 8am-4pm at the lab both days.


Haight said...

Hey...get out of my stole my logo and story line :)

(Well, not the running part)

LeahC said...

I think this is our year! Go Cubs!

Joe said...

Go cubs! Is that Bartman guy still in town or did you run him out on a rail?

Anonymous said...

Even though the Cubbies beat my beloved Cards I'm happy that the baseball season is here. And, for your sake and my boyfriends I hope the Cubs win the world series as well. Sporting News did claim it was the Cubs year but we'll see.

Running Jayhawk said...

Go Cubs, Go!!
Go Cubs, Gooooo!!!!
Hey Chicago, whatdoya say?
The Cubs are gunna WIN TODAY!!! :)

I :heart: baseball season. Are you and Jason running the "Race to Wrigley" 5k next weekend?

Good luck with this weekend's runs!! :)

LeahC said...

No we aren't running the Race to Wrigley next weekend because we are going to be out of town. Jason's grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary party!

Scott said...

Hmmmm...what does one drink at a 60th wedding anniversary party? Jello shots! (get teeth)

LeahC said...

what are you talking about 60th wedding anniversay, i'm going to have to be drinking jello shots at my 2nd wedding anniversary!!!!!!