Thursday, April 13, 2006

Cubbies!!!! The Belated Game Report

Yesterday Jason and I went to Wrigley Field to see our beloved Cubbies take on the Reds. We were very concerned in the morning because they kept saying that it was going to rain all morning and into the early afternoon and we all know how much fun it is to sit in a cold ballpark getting rained on, waiting for the game to start only to see another downpour heading our way. But lucky us the sun came out and we didn't see one cloud the entire game.

We started with a beer at Bernies and visited with my Dad's friend Will who was bartending as usual. We thought about having another but were itching to get into the park as I always love getting there early to see batting practice and find our seats and soak in the ball park. We got to our seats in Section 424 which is just to the right of home plate in the upper deck. This is about my favorite place to sit at Wrigley because you get a great view of the game AND (most importantly) you are close to the Italian sausage and Italian beef sandwiches that are behind home plate. Very tasty! Very Messy!

Soon enough the Old Style Lady came by and gave us two big glasses of cold beer and the game was off. Maddux was pitching for the cubs and did a great job on the mound. The Cubs also had some very exciting plays...twice (that's right twice) Pierre and Lee had double steals which is always fun to watch....especially because last year the Cubs NEVER did anything exciting. This is a new team my friends. Watch out...this could be our year (we say that every year).

The game ended slightly exciting as Dempster gave up a long long long out which I was sure was a home run, but our right fielder nabbed it and the game was over.

After the game Jason and I went to get our hair cut. I don't know, I have some kind of bangs now....don't know how I am feeling about them. They kinda just look like I had had bangs and they are growing out.....but oh well it's something a bit different I guess and maybe it's a bit cuter than my usual "all one length please".

Tonight we have a 3 mile recovery run which should be fine. This weekend we are going to Fort Wayne for a family thing and so will have to get a 5 mile pace done on Saturday and a 10 miler done on Sunday. It's hilly in Fort Wayne. Needless to say these won't be as easy as last week...but maybe we can find some kind of path out there that is flatter than the country roads.


Susan said...

How sweet - those pictures are so cute!

Bob said...

Sounds like a great time, and the Cubs won, that always makes it more fun.

LeahC said...

Thanks Susan-

We had to balance the camera on the arm of one of the seats and the squat down on the ground to get in it....but I think it came out alright.

Yes everyone is happy when the cubs win!

Nicole said...

Even though you'll have hills hopefully you won't have wind! Have a fun trip.

Joe said...

Cool photos. Thanks for sharing. That Bernies looks like a fun place. If I'm ever lucky enough to attend a Cubs game, I want you guys to be my tour guide. I'll buy the beers!

LeahC said...


come on down we'd love to be your tour guide! Bernies is a great place and used to be my dad's hangout. Funny as it is now ours.


Joe said...

My dad's hangout was the sofa. Funny as it is now mine. :-)