Sunday, April 30, 2006

We Are Tough

And Tired! So apologies in advance for a sleepy post.

Today we had to get a 12 mile run in. I am still on shifts at good ole' Fermi Lab from 4-midnight so we HAD to go after we woke up in the late morning. There wasn't an option of putting it off until later in the day and I didn't want to run it tomorrow because the race is on Saturday and in my opinion that was too close in time to be running a long run.

Why am I telling you all this?

I noticed that it was raining BUT the temperature was at about 57 degrees, so how bad can it be, right? We first went down in shorts and just thin under armor type shirts. We immediatly went back inside. It was pouring and cold. We switched to two layers with a heavier outer's almost like a rubber material, I can't describe it. Anyways, we went back outside and started running. I was soaked by the time I got to the end of the block.

Ok, Ok I kept telling myself it's not that bad. Just a little wind and rain. We got to the lake front path and I noticed that the wind was pretty strong and in my face. Well that's not fun considering we have another 5.5 miles to go in this direction. Ok Ok, it's not that bad it's not that bad. At about mile 4 I realize that I am delusional and it IS that bad. Especially at this point in the run because we lost any kind of protection we had from the wind and at points for the next three miles it was like running on a treadmill. The wind was so hard that I thought the rain had turned to ice as it felt like it was stinging my face. We decided to turn around a half mile early because the wind just became too much and then finish at the house instead of on the lake front. This benefitted us getting to turn around sooner and then not have to walk back ~1 mile in the shitty weather.

I have to say I am impressed with us today. There were times today that I wanted to lay down on the ground and beat my fists upon it and yell, "What the fuck is wrong with me? Why am I out here freezing my ass off, getting no where on the run because the wind is pushing me the other way?" Then I would put my left foot in front of my right foot and my right in front of my left and keep repeating. We made it the whole 12.4 miles without walking and with just two quick water stops. I am proud of us.

The splits (I know these aren't THAT interesting, but you can really see where the wind got to us, but we were always able to stay within our desired pace...wind and all! The numbers in () is the pace for that mile)

Mile 1.2 : 12:13 (10:10)
Mile 2.2 : 21:09 (8:56)
Mile 3.2 : 30:06 (8:56) Nice consitancy in these two miles.
Mile 4.2 : 39:33 (9:27) There's the wind
Mile 5.2 : 49:01 (9:28) More wind
Mile 6.2 : 58:38 (9:36) Last mile before turning around
Mile 7.2 : 1:07:28 (8:49) There's the wind at our backs
Mile 8.2 : 1:16:14 (8:46)
Mile 9.2 : 1:25:18 (9:03) Water stop
Mile 10.2 :1:33:53 (8:35) My legs are on fire! in a good way!
Mile 11.2 : 1:42:22 (8:28)
Mile 12.4 :1 :53:58 (9:40) Held up by some Cub traffic

So over all : 12.4 Miles in a brutally heavy wind/rain storm with a average pace of 9:11 min/miles. Not too shabby.

Now we are back at work for my shift.....exciting times. exiting times. I am exhausted.

This week we have planned 4 miles on Tueday, 30 minute tempo on Wedesday and then 2 on Thursday and then it's off to Indy.


Bob said...

Nice job, I ended up doing 10 something, Favorite run misled me on the distance. It was brutal, I felt like I had cement shoes on. I wore a rain suit and my splits showed it. LSD long snaillike distance. I am feeling your pain right now. :)

LeahC said...

yeah our outer jacket got really heavy, but we had shorts on, so my legs were ok. which I think helped keep the pace reasonable. I am just so used to napping after long sitting in a control room with everything turned off. :-)

Joe said...

Nice job on the 12 miler! What is your goal time for the 1/2? And more importantly, who will win, Jason or Leah?

LeahC said...

who will win...always a good question! We all like it when Leah wins because she gets a little cranky when she loses :-)

Our goal time for the 1/2 is anything under 2 hours, but given how good our runs have been going I am hoping for somewhere between 1:50 - 1:55....but we'll see.

Jason said...

Maybe we'll tie again, but I'll win by virtue of alphabetical order.

When we race, it ends up being very key which shoe you put the chip on since every tenth of a second counts.

(Leah's probably going to win)

Bob said...

Ahhhh Jason you are wise beyond your years. :)

Running Jayhawk said...

way to go kids! :)

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

You guys are going to do terrific at Indy!

Scott said...

Leah & Jason-
Way to tough out a true CHICAGO run! I don't think anybody from Key West would have made it to the end of the block...or even have left the house!

P.S. Jason, you let Leah win!


Susan said...

Nice job you 2! Those times rock. I would have gone back to bed.

LeahC said...

thanks susan! The bed did look very very inviting....much better than rain and wind.