Monday, April 17, 2006

The Fort Wayne Round Up

How can I leave you people without pictures & stories from the weekend!

Lots happened between being mistaken for an 18 year old (by the way if I have to get braces to fix this bite of mine, I'm thinking that's just going to push my "looks like" age down a couple more years! which is awesome!) on Friday night and our drive home Sunday afternoon...aside from our 10 mile run of course.

Both of Jason's brothers, Andy and Jamie were in town for the weekend which was fun because it is rare to see the three of them together. Jason is 10 years younger than Andy and 8 years younger than Jamie and even though they are now 26, 34 and 36 you can still see the little one being teased. Jamie's daughter, Sam, was also in town and really child it's time to stop growing otherwise you are going to take everyone over.

On Saturday afternoon Jason's parents had a barbeque in the backyard and we all played catch which was tons of fun until Jason had to go and ruin the fun by whipping the ball right at Sam's face! Ah, it'll just toughen her right up. Being the great kid that she is, she was back out on the field in no time. Burgers and hotdogs rounded out the barbeque and then with everyone's bellies full the nappage came on.

Early in the evening on Saturday we went to a nearby park and after Sam was done playing catch her and I went to the park and played lots of swings and tire swings and racing up rock walls, and down rock was tons of fun! I honestly have not been on a swings for I don't know how long and you know what? The swings are super fun. I remember being a kid and being convinced that if I went high enough I would flip the swing clear over the top of the swing set.

Saturday night we went to the nearby outdoor mall and all got really tasty ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery...seriously a small was huge! I got the Banana Split Decision which was de-lici-ous. After dinner, Jason, Andy and me went to a Buffalo Wild Wings and had some dinner (yes we had ice cream before what!). After that it was off to the hotel we were staying at for some games of Eucher....Jason and I took the brothers 2 games to 1. One day Jason is going to leap right over the table and slap me when I trump his Ace, but that is neither here nor there. I also had 5 trump and didn't go I don't know why and Dad, be quiet! :-)

Easter Sunday we hung out a bit at Jason's parents house and had an easter egg hunt for Sam which was loads of fun. She found them all, even if Jamie (Dad of Sam) did put one of the eggs on top of a swing which was taller than the child.....good thing it fell down due to a gust of wind and she was able to find it. After that we headed to Jason's grandparents house to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. All of the family was there and it was good to see everyone.

Thus wrapping up our Fort Wayne weekend. It was great to see everyone and we'll be looking forward to seeing everyone soon.


Bob said...

ahhhhh some fellow Eucher players, oh and people that like to eat dessert before dinner. Seriously it sounds like a really nice weekend

LeahC said...

Jason and I both grew up with Eucher in the households. When I went on vacation and the whole family was there we would have these huge Eucher tournys that would last all night.

Haight said...

When I attended Purdue, I saw a hoosiers playing Euchre all the time. At the time I never heard of it (and I never learned it). It kinda seemed like Pinochle to me.

Do you have some hoosier blood in you? I didn't know one person from Illinois that knew how to play. Seemed like it was only hoosiers, michiganders and cheeseheads (of course I say that in the most endearing way).

LeahC said...

My dad grew up in South Bend, IN and then his sister and her huge family has lived most of their lives in Indiana. Jason is from Fort Wayne, IN. I was born in Illinois and did lots of moving around between NW indiana and Chicago. I went to Indiana University for both undergrad and now as a graduate student. I live in Chicago now because Jason and I are just working on the research part of our degree which is at Fermi Lab so we were able to get out of southern indiana and come up here. So the short answer is, yes I have some hoosier blood in me. I have also noticed that Eucher is very localized to the states that you mentioned.

jamie said...

Wow, great pictures. Thanks, Leah!

The weekend was a blast.

LeahC said...

Hi Jamie-

Thanks! I had some fun with iPhoto, but I love that first picture of sam (even if it is a little dark).

It was great seeing you guys and we'll see you in a couple weeks at the race.