Saturday, April 08, 2006

5 Miles "Pace"

So Jason and I never know exactly how far we go but we roughly know so we always know that we are at about 5 miles even if we are really at say 5.3 or 5.4 or whatever. So we can't exactly keep our pace per miles so these pace runs have turned into "run them faster than normal". Which I am actually assuming is about right.

So 5 miles at pace was schedueled for today which we did after I got back from my shift around 5:30pm. I couldn't believe how cold it was outside. I checked and it 38 degrees with a feels like 30!!!!! So we dug out our running pants from under all the shorts we HAD been wearing and re-bundled up. The run went well. I think I did the middle mile too fast because as the last two miles approached my legs were very tired. However, even with the tiredness I think we were able to keep up the pace, even with the wind in our faces. With a mile to go what song came onto my iPod?


By far the best song to run to ever. (Jason and I watched Rocky last night, which is actually a great movie. I haven't seen all the sequels but the original is quite good. My love for sports movies might be biasing my opinion though. YO Adrian).

We finished the run keeping the same pace and then walked home (we like to finish on the lake front path so we don't have to worry about traffic) to make sure our legs were cooled down. While we were icing down our legs, we had some gatorade and Jason bought the new Rain flavor or whatever (you know where the athletes hatch out of basketballs or vollyeballs in the rain) and let me tell is mighty yummy. I highly recommend the lime flavor.

So after reading Bob's post today in which he talked about which training program he will use for the Chicago Marathon, I started to get marathoning fever. I wasn't sure if I wanted to attempt to train again this summer because we have these ridiculous shifts and I think our advisor wants this thesis stuff "wrapped up" by the end of the year so we'll be really busy. However, I just love it so much and given the title of this blog how can I not.....

By the way, I was thinking I might like to run for a charity this time and I went to the list of charities that you could run for and I was surprised that the ALS Association was not on there. So I was thinking of e-mailing them and seeing if they were interested in sponsering runners or something. Does anyone know how that might work? I am interested in ALS (Lou Gerhig's Disease) because my grandmother died of this disease when I was only an year old and so it's something that has affected my life and my family . So I will be doing some research into this and seeing what if anything can be done.

Tomorrow is 10 miles....(that's double digits!)


Anonymous said...

Great inspirational post. My boyfriend just got me an ipod about 2 weeks - yes I'm truly tech phobic - but it has totally enhanced my running. It is funny though because I only have his music on my ipod but I also have eye of the tiger on there and what a great way to end a run - at least in my experience.
So you are going to do the Marathon! That is exciting. I'm running as well but for the YME breast cancer team. I think if you just contact the charity the would more than likely be excited about you running on their behalf but without a team you might just miss the training support other charities provide their runners but I'm sure all your blogger friends will support you - I know I will.

LeahC said...

Hi Nicole-

Thanks! I am not so worried about not having a training group because with our schedule this summer it would be hard anyways for me to be at all the meetings and so on. I think I will contact the ALS Association and find out what they think. Maybe I could start my own training group with proceeds going to ALS....hmm....that could be an idea. That's great that you are running for the YME breast cancer team.

Eye of the Tiger...I could almost have it be the only song during my run :-)

Jason said...

The songs I was loving yesterday (I had Eye of the Tiger first, so it wasn't key in my run):

Cum on Feel the Noize
We're Not Gonna Take It

80's hair bands were made for running.

Joe said...

Rocky is the best (well, I, II and III anyway)! You MUST check out this post on my blog because it's definitely relevant.

I'm a huge fan of sports movies. I especially like watching them the night before a swim meet or a running race. Here's some of my favs: Rocky I/II/II, Saint Ralph, Rudy, Breaking Away, Without Limits, Hoosiers, Cinderella Man, Any Given Sunday (mostly for the "inches" speech).