Monday, March 30, 2009

Eat More?

Yesterday I counted the number of calories I had eaten before we went out for a run. The grand total? 700ish. Then a 3 mile run bring it down to 400. Then I had a pretty large dinner, but still, so not enough. Not that I think I'm supposed to be eating for two because I know you aren't. But a woman my age is supposed to eat about 2200 calories, then a pregnant woman should eat about 2500 calories. There is no way that I was eating 2200 calories before the nugget came along, so it's something I have to keep my eye on. I also don't eat a lot of protein in general, so that's another thing that needs to be upped.

I am not going to turn this blog into a listing of everything I eat during the day because I find that fairly annoying for readers and for myself to do it. I am going to start keeping better track of it however. Needless to say we bought a lot of meat at the grocery store last night.

So I'm past 5 weeks now, and everything is feeling good. We did go for a 3 mile run (super slow with some walking in there) yesterday and then we went straight to the grocery store. Now I have done that plenty of times but about halfway through our shopping experience I felt like my sports bra was cutting off my breathing ability. It was horrible. Then everyone bumping into me with their carts and I was about 2 seconds from total detonation. So note to self, during pregnancy..when your boobs are bigger and a bit on the sore side, DON'T KEEP THE SPORTS BRA ON LONGER THAN YOU HAVE TO! There. Lesson 1 complete.

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