Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We Have a Secret...

and I HATE IT.

I'm not a good secret keeper. I'm just not...I mean I can be if I have to be...but this is my secret and I don't want to keep it. I called my doctors office yesterday to ask them what the hell I'm supposed to do now that I have a positive pregnancy test. I laughed and told them that Jason and I might be the most fertile people on the planet, and she laughed and said, "Oh I see you did have a preconception appointment next week. Guess you won't be needing that". Guess not.

So she told me what the next steps were. First I will go in (this morning) and have a blood test to confirm pregnancy (which I'm already convinced I'm going to fail...really...REALLY...it's not a real test), then if that comes back positive I will have an appointment with a physicians assistant to go through all the do's and don'ts (don't do crack, do eat vegetables I'm guessing), then at about 8 weeks along I'll go in for the first ultra sound.

Since I'm a little bit OCD, I peed on yet another stick this morning and there is no doubt about the second line. So, according to pee sticks I'm pregnant, just gotta get the confirmation.

We've decided to tell family after we hear from the doctor on the blood test. But it's killing me right now when I talk to my parents. So what's new? Nothing, why would you think something is new. Just the same old same old. Or..How's the running going. Good. Getting better every week.

I'm guessing we'll just tell everyone next week....because....how the hell could you keep this kind of secret!

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