Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ve Vant Your Blood

Yesterday I went to the doctors office to give blood so that they could confirm pregnancy. Usually I am a champion at the blood giving; I have good veins and I can fill those little tubes in a second. Yesterday however, she put the needle in the vein and NOTHING came out. I mean not even a drop. So she went to the other arm, and tried again and this one came pumped but so, so slowly. I'm guessing it was because I was so nervous and excited and I'm guessing it's good that they didn't take my blood pressure as I'm sure I would have broken the machine.

I'm thinking that if this blood test does come back positive (it will) I should sign up for prenatal yoga to try and calm down a little bit because otherwise it's going to be a loooong 8 months for everyone involved and then the baby will come out and be wired before it even breathes a breath of air.

And I'm sorry, can we talk about how creepy it is to grow a human...a human who goes from breathing water, to air.....(anyone else thinking of The Abyss?)? Cree-py!

I've been listening to Loudon Wainwright's Strange Weirdos album which was inspired by the movie Knocked Up. There are some funny songs on there including X or Y and Lullaby. I'm thinking the album with be played a lot around these parts in the next few months.

So sometime in "mid-afternoon" we'll know for sure! gotta sit tight and be patient...cause as everyone knows I'm so good at that.

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