Monday, March 02, 2009

Wow, 2 Whole Days in a Row

I wonder when the last time this blog saw some love 2 days in a row. A long while I bet.

Signing up for a race is the most amazing thing ever. I don't know what shifts in my head when we do that but instantly I'm like, Ok. We are racing, gotta run no matter what. Yesterday the weather was atrocious with snow and 25 mph winds out of the north so good thing we are so out of shape that we are sticking to three mile runs for now because I don't know how much farther we could have made it.

Our Sunday in general was a great day, I feel like we did enough to fill a couple days worth. We woke up early and spent about 4 hours relaxing to some classical music and reading the Sunday papers (NY Times & Chicago Tribune), then we went for a run. When we got back from that we decided that our empty fridge and cupboard needed some love so we went to the grocery store and got a cart full of food amazingly it all fit into our fridge with room to spare.

The rest of the afternoon was spent totally relaxing and reading. We watched The Godfather which is of course just a fantastic movie and enjoyed the last fire in our fire place for the season (out of wood and optimistic about the is March you know).

Tonight is the Chirb meeting which I am going to and Jason is either going to work late on work stuff or go home and do work stuff at home.

Our running plans are going to be running Tuesday, Thursday Saturday and Sunday, and we'll be following the Hal Higdon intermediate 1/2 marathon plan starting in mid May.

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Scott said...

Sounds like a great Sunday. Hope you're not running to the 7-11 for wood later this month!