Sunday, March 22, 2009 that a line?

Today - March 22nd I took a second pregnancy test. I had taken one yesterday but the line was really faint. So I took one right when I woke up this morning and What the that a line? I think it's a line...but it's faint. So Jason comes into the bathroom....does he thinks it's a line...he does...but it's faint. WHAT DOES A FAINT LINE MEAN?

I haven't had any symptoms (but read online that is not totally uncommon) and so I don't know if it's just a faint fake line or just a faint line....but then I read (on the interwebs!) that even if it's faint it's a positive. My period is two days late......I'm never late.

So with that I am going to put this into draft mode and save it for a few months. Jason and I have decided that they should use us to repopulate the planet after a nuclear explosion as we tried one time and viola....a faint (what does that mean!) second line showed up!

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