Saturday, March 07, 2009

It Always has to Slow Down

Well well well. Look up the definition of out of shape and you'll find JasonLeahRun's picture next to it. Sheesh.

We are trying to get to 12 miles a week. I KNOW it's lame. Leave me alone. So week one we did 6 miles, this week we struggled through 9 and hoping next week to get through 12. We are going to take tomorrow off since the last two days have been slow and some what painful....although as always, still a ton of fun. I miss those long runs and being able to go through a 12 mile run easy breezy. Ah well....all you can do is keep running. That's why running is so easy. It's super easy to get better at.

Not much else new in JasonLeahRun's world. We have put ourselves into Lockdown mode to take care of some bills that we have going on as well as the whole we need to get into better shape mode. Amazing how much money you can save when you delete "Sheffields" from your budget.

So that's it. Don't forget to change you clocks tomorrow everyone!


lifestudent said...

I miss being able to do those long runs too! I did 3 today and that was a big deal ... but not to long ago it had to be double-digits to be a big deal :(

Dawnie said...

I know what you mean - I really miss being able to go out and tick off 10 miles with no problem, or to run a half-marathon on 2 days notice "because I feel like it." We'll all get back there one day.

Oh, how I miss Sheffields. But I understand what a sizeable dent they can quickly make in the cash flow.

Scott said...

I'm with you Leah. I saw a guy running yesterday and it was such a nice day. . . I missed it then. Just keep moving the stick!

Bridgette said...

Your dad is the coolest. Hi dad!! :)