Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Running! Road Trips! Exclamation Points!

Well JasonLeahRun got home this evening and were doubtful of a good run. It was raining, the wind was seeming pretty strong and well...we had worked an 11 hour day and relaxing at home was sounding oh so nice.

But Somone (and by Someone I mean LeahC) kept poking and pushing for a run and finally running clothes were on, laces were knotted, the door was locked and two pairs of feet started running down Seminary. Wow...dramatic sentance huh...well the run wasn't that dramatic, it was just great. Felt great, the rain was cooling, it was 60ish degrees outside and what's that? Sweat? WHAT?. Oh yeah, spring is coming people.

*Sidenote: Snow is Gone by Josh Ritter is a great song. And the two albums I got via iTunes are great....I might be follwing RainnWilson (Dwight Schrute) on Twitter and he tweeted about him and will +1 on the recommendation. End Sidenote*

Yesterday as I was looking at a map and thinking about some weekend road trips that Jason and I could take over some up coming weekends, I realized that old Rt. 66 goes all the way to St. Louis. Hmm...I thought...that could be fun. Then I kept thinking (like I like to do) and was like..huh...well it goes all the damn way to Los Angeles. Then I thought, hmm...I've never been to LA, and with all the road trips I have taken in my life I have never driven west. Interesting. Then I found some web sites, sent a crazy e-mail to Jason saying something to the effect of, .... you know...Rt. 66 goes all the way to LA right? It's looking more and more like these two crazy kids are going to take one hell of a road trip this summer. I have always been interested in Rt. 66 and so I'm getting way way pumped about this possibility. Our plan as it stands right now is to take our time out there and then book it like our asses are on fire via the main interstates on the way back. We don't know yet if we are going to take our car or try and rent one, but we are going to do it somehow. So stay tuned for details as we plan that trip.

I've been busy with work and with finishing up developing the roughtly one thousand photos I took in Zurich (yes really that many). http://leahcphotos.wordpress.com has been updated daily for roughly two months now (wow!) and has several pictures from Zurich over the last week or so. Here is a panoramic stitch I did of downtown Zurich :

So that's all from these crazy kids. Enjoy the rest of the week everyone!


Bridgette said...

Wow - road trip!!! Can I tell you how jealous I am. Sounds like a ton of fun. :)

Samuel Braga said...

Nice! Seems like a real road trip! hehehe

Karen said...

I LOVE that pic! HOME!