Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hey, I'm going to be a dad!

No, really, I'm going to be a dad!

Yesterday around 11:30, the blood work came back with a confirmed positive. Congrats, it's a zygote!

In true JasonLeahRun family fashion, we had no interest waiting to tell people. So, I got on the phone to tell the family and...nobody answered. So that was cool. I mean, it's not like I had anything interesting to say. But I did eventually get a hold of one brother and a mother, both who were very excited. It's entirely possibly my mother may have shed a tear or two (hey, no crying! Everyone's supposed to be happy :)). My dad called back a bit later and I think, other than Leah, was the first to call me a dad. That was weird. I didn't really realize I was old enough to be a dad. I certainly didn't think I was mature enough to be a dad. These people still realize that my favorite section of the paper is the comics, right?

My friends at work were all very excited for me as I'm the first among any of us to have a baby (damn youngin's). Of course, the conversation eventually switched from a discussion of being a dad and being mature to a discussion of baby harvesting and how realistic the Matrix actually was in growing humans to power the robots (good point made: using dead humans to feed humans is getting dangerous close to a perpetual motion machine).

But we're just all really damn excited over here.

246 Days until baby.

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