Thursday, March 26, 2009


My blood passed!!!! I'm officially pregnant. Jason and I are the worst; we instantly told EVERYBODY. Then I read all these sites that were like, you shouldn't tell anyone for 12 weeks...I was like..uh yeah that's not going to happen.

For those of you that were on the ball yesterday morning (hi geekgirl!) you would already know because I'm an idiot and accidentally hit "Publish Post" instead of "Save Now" and so for those people that checked their RSS readers would have known. I totally freaked out and called Jason and he was all, "This isn't a tragedy," and I was all, "THE INTERWEBS ARE GOING TO KNOW BEFORE MY PARENTS".

The doctor called around 11am with the results, and told me the next steps. I came back into my office and I was smiling like a freakin' lunatic and so I had to call my parents right then. So I did. My dad screamed really loud and my mom made a noise that I think only most dogs could hear. I told my friends and sister-in-law via chat windows (call them...make it personal and not. my. style.). Then we have this meeting at work on Wednesdays so I was able to tell most people then...everyone at work was excited. I work at a great company and everyone is friends and so I really wanted to tell them. I think if I had worked at other companies I wouldn't have told so soon, but I love those guys and so they had to know. I mean I can't sit there and be excited all damn day and smiliing like a fool and have them just start thinking I'm crazy.

My parents spread the news to other family members, who spread it on. I think my mom called everyone that she has ever met :). My dad said he is going to announce it on the VHF radio show this morning so all of Grenada will know soon.

We are talking about where to post these posts. I suppose JasonLeahRun can turn into JasonLeahHaveABaby. We are going to keep running, I just want to find out things about heart rate when exercising before I really try to start.

It's so strange because I don't feel that different. I feel a bit "off" but that's about it. So it's strange to me to think that I'm growing a human - and to tell you the truth, I'm going to have to go find a freakin' bio student and have them explain to me how the one cell organisms know how to do what they are doing. My mom didn't have morning sickness or many other of the annoying symptoms and so I'm hoping I'll be the same way and just float through this pregnancy, only 246 days left according to a due date of November 27th which the internet told me. That's a long time!

Alright, I still have to work though, so time to stop typing!

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