Thursday, March 19, 2009

Blogging Request...

and thus I blog.

I've been a busy little bee around these parts. The weather in Chicago seems to have taken a turn for the better and Jason and I have been taking every opportunity to be out in the warm weather that we can.

Over the weekend (...yes I realize it's Thursday and I'm writing about days that were almost a week ago, but at least I'm getting it down), Jason and I got up early and went downtown and did the following:
  • Breakfast at Yolk which was one of the best breakfasts that I have ever had; the omelets had the perfect egg/filling ratio.
  • Walked through the legs on the corner on Roosevelt and Michigan Ave. Jason and I couldn't decide if we liked the legs, but I think we both thought they were interesting. I enjoyed how they were really spaced out and then became more and more crowded.
  • Went to the Field Museum and, using our membership, went to see the new Pirates exhibit. Did you know pirate ships were the only place where everyone was an equal unlike on land where there was, of course, the slavery problems and whatnot. Also unlike merchant ships, everyone on a pirate shop was given almost equal percentages of the loot they would take.
  • From there we walked to Loopy Yarns because I was interested in starting a new project. I highly recommend this place. They have a huge selection of yarns, patterns and very very nice people to answer all of your questions.
  • From here we walked to the Intelligensia cafe next door to the Chicago Cultural Center and learned about a new press process they have to brew the single cups of coffee. They guy next to us said that it seemed like a lot of work for a cup of coffee and, while I agreed at the time, it was a mightily good cup of Joe (and totally worth it, Jason says).
  • After this we walked to the Millenium Park office to pick up a cell phone my cousin lost that, amazingly, they had found.
  • At this point we realized that we weren't drunk, 5 years old, or parents of 5 year olds and so weren't interested in the St. Patricks Day Parade. So we walked on to the lakefront path instead.
  • I took a ton of pictures along the way as we walked. all. the. way. home.
So in short, it was about 8 hours of outdoorsness with about 10 miles of walking. A great day.

Sunday we ran 4 miles and then went and played in Lincoln Square and walked home from there. Monday we walked home from work. Tuesday we went and ran out 3 miles.....and if you have gotten the picture...walked home.

Other business (non-walking division) is that there is some work funness going on. I've started working through some ObjectiveC & iPhone stuff and I've also started doing some more work on our company's website which I find very enjoyable. In my personal time, I'm working on knitting a blanket that has *gasp* cables in it. Turns out cables aren't that hard, just have to be careful when I get to those rows. Also getting through some more picture developing...a constant thing. I've posted every single day on my photoblog for 68 days straight!

Which is nice.

This weekend Jason and I are taking a road trip to Springfield, IL via the old Rt. 66. We've gotten the Rt 66 bug in our blood and are planning on driving the whole thing this summer. We've bought two books through Amazon on things to see along the way as well as a set of awesome maps ('ll love these) that are almost hand drawn with written directions on the page.

So that's about it in our little world. Just watching the March Madness tourney and hoping Villenova wasn't a bad choice for the final four...they are down by 10 to American University at the half. Shit. At least I didn't pick Illinois to win it all (teasing my stepmom and Aunt with that one).

And so now it's Thursday night. Happy end of week everyone!


Scott said...

Yeah Leah! What a great (and exhausting) Saturday you had. I love starting my day with your blog. Keep it up (when you can. . . know you are busy, busy, busy!).

BrianFlash said...

Route 66 is pretty cool - the history behind the road is very Americana. My wife grew up just south of the highway in Southwest Missouri and her mother made the trip along the road many times on her family's migration to and from California.

I highly recommend a driving trip along the whole route. You can stop here in St. Louis and have Ted Drews Ice Cream!