Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Starting the New Year Off With...

A giant fucking head cold.

I never ever get sick. I have the immune system children around the world dread as I never ever ever get sick and thus never missed school. So I wake up on New Years Eve, with the stuffed head and runny nose. Some Dayquill got me through the NYE party. Yesterday I layed on the couch all day and did nothing. Today I had to go to the lab to get my ID renewed...after sleeping for 12 hours even though I felt as if I could sleep more.

I just got home and have a date with my couch.

I am not a good patient either because I hate being sick and so I'm *real* crabby. My dad suggested that Jason work overtime. Boo.


Firefly's Running said...

Hope you feel better soon. Being sick SUCKS!

Running Jayhawk said...


You gave it to me.

My head is about to explode. :(

But putting another rockstar NYE with you kids is worth this nasty aftermath.

Nicole said...

Well, I'm glad I'm not responsible for you and Jayhawk being sick. And, I'm sorry you have to experience the world I've been in for the last week. Hope it leaves you soon!
Happy new year.