Friday, January 04, 2008

3 for 5

Yesterday I already did three of my resolutions.

I sent postcards to my folks-in-law, my grandpa and my mom.

I read for an hour.

AND I even cooked a real dinner. A whole new meal, one that did not involve the Pizza Pizzaz (which if you don't own one and you ever eat frozen pizza you should). I made Basil-chicken currey. It was delicious and probably the most complicated meal I have ever made. It wasn't hard, just many steps and lots of ingredients. We had that over rice along with a nice green salad. It was like we were adults.

Alright, the PhD....going to get on that starting Monday. And what was the other one...oh yeah, I have yet to contact my people about their birthdays.

Today I have a lady docs appointment at 3:15 and then Jason and I going to meet downtown and we are going to see No Country for Old Men. A date night on a Friday night. Whoot.

Yes I realize I haven't talked about any running goals yet. I will I promise, I am just trying to decide what they are :-).


Triseverance said...

Hey Leah, my guess is the hardest part of that recipe was the curry sauce. If I am right check out the website there curry sauces are AWSOME and are great in stir fry, with fish or chicken and anything you cn dream up. I like the red curry the best but the yellow and Green are good as well.
I have a date night planned for that movie, I have to see it.

Firefly's Running said...

Great job, Leah. Awesome effort.