Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hot Bod?

Yeah I guess I'd like one. So when there is a class called "Hot Bod" at your gym, maybe you give it a try. It was good...lots of balancing on those ring tube things. But it had weight lifting and ab stuff and leg stuff. Seemed like a pretty good all around workout. I cannot do any of the balancing stuff, and so when my 6' tall self gets unbalanced that's a lot of arms and legs flalling about. I was jealous of the instructor who at 5'4" maybe had no troubles with her balance. Alright alright, she was also super buff and that probably helped.

After that class I ran for 3 miles on the treadmill while watching Dharma & Greg. I might have even loled a few times, which I know makes me super cool. On the treadmill I have a routine kind of. For the first 1/4 mile I start out at a 9:22 pace, then from .25-1 mile I go to 8:57. Then from 1-1.5 8:41, then 1.5-2 8:34. Then for the last mile of the this was 2-3, I bump it up for each quarter mile. The last quarter mile I did at 7:41 so that one got a couple bumps up. I think it makes running on the treadmill way more interesting.

So that's done and done.

You'll notice some changes around these here parts. The photo of the day has been taken down, however, I do have a link to my newly created and hopefully will keep updated, photoblog. It kind of sucks because of all the ads, but whatever, a good place for me to quickly post a photo a day. Also there is a link to my smugmug collection which is just a large collection of photos. For books we are going with and through that Jason and I have put up widgets showing what we have read. Bridgette said that when she looked at it, it said that the shelves were empty, but that's cause she's dumb and since I'm super cool and awesome, I see pages of books on my screen. Hopefully everyone else who's not dumb can see it. Oh I'm kidding. I have known the girl for 10+ years I am allowed to tease her :-)


Scott said...

I remember you on the balance beam in high school and there was a lot of arms and legs whipping about then too! Love the book shelf!

Firefly's Running said...

It does take time to develop one's balance. I used to silently curse the yoga instructors when I could not get a pose right.