Monday, January 14, 2008

Sleeping Badly

I have always been a very heavy sleeper. My parents told me that they took me to some music show or something when I was a little kid. I guess it was really loud in the room and I just curled up in a ball on one of the chairs and passed out. Well I feel that they told me that anyways...I could just be making it up. Neither of them read this blog with regularity (yes yes yes because my mom is busy working and my dad hardly has internet when he's out sailing the seven seas, not because they don't love me) so I can't confirm the story.

Anyways, my point being that I can fall asleep anywhere and usually when I go to bed at night I fall asleep quickly and wake up only when my alarm goes off in the morning. Last night however was horrible. I went to bed earlish, probably around 10:30 or 11. But then I woke up at about 3am. And I mean wide wide awake. To the point where I was questioning just getting up and doing some work until the alarm went off at 5 at which point we would go to the gym. Then it's just annoying because you know that you could fall back asleep but then you are thinking about falling back asleep which make the process all the more difficult. I think I finally feel back down around 3:45. Needless to say when the alarm did go off at 5, I was not easily getting out of the bed.

Jason got up and went to the gym though and I got up when he got home around 6:45. I am frustrated because usually sleep isn't one of the things I have to worry about as it comes so easily. I also had tons of dreams last night which I guess is good cause that means you have to be in the REM state...(maybe?). However, I wonder if one has really interesting dreams where they are stealing cars and witnessing crimes and running around if it's as calming as say...I don't know fields of grass with butterflies flying around.

So anyways, crappy sleep last night led to not getting up at the right time for the gym. But as I work from home I can go whenever. So I went at 8 and did 4+ miles on the treadmill and a bit of weights work. I am so clueless in the lifting weights department and so perhaps it's time to get one of those fancy trainers that I see around the gym.

And thus it's Monday.

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