Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Good & Bad

The Good
I caught this over on and I thought it was fantastic! It's an e-mail the new owner of the Tribune (Sam Zell) sent out to the Chicago Tribune Employees
From: Talk to Sam Sent: Tuesday, January 22, 2008 11:03 AM Subject: Censorship, the First Amendment and the Fourth Estate

I learned on the first leg of our tour of Tribune’s business units that some of them were filtering Internet content. I do not see how a member of the Fourth Estate, dedicated to protecting the First Amendment, can censor what its own employees and partners can see. I have instructed that all content filters be removed. You are now exposed to the dangers of You Tube and Facebook. Please use your best judgment.

Let’s focus on what is important, and go for greatness.

Isn't that great! Maybe this guy will sell the Cubs to someone as smart as he sounds in this e-mail.

The Bad
I almost don't even want to go here as I don't want to give this wack job any more press or recognition. But on (through radar) I noticed the tidbit that the lunatics over at the Fred Phelps church, you know...the ones that are protesting at the funerals of American Soldiers when they come back from Iraq...yeah them. They are going to picket Heath Ledger's funeral. Because one time he played a gay guy in a movie? Yeah they say this :

Isn't going to hell pretty bad in the eyes of the believers? Really wouldn't that be enough? If you really believe people are burning in hell, isn't that like you winning. Like haha you're dead and we are good believers and so we are going to heaven and we will laugh at you rotting down there? But no. You also have to go a funeral, "protest" when family and friends are grieving. Plus...isn't protesting usually meaning that you are against something? So are you sad that he's dead and against it? Maybe Mr. Phelps when you die millions of good people will come from around the world and have big fucking party outside your funeral. Oh but wait. No no. Probably not, because no one can be has hateful and just downright rude as you are.

I don't understand why people are so hateful. What I really don't understand is when religous people look at atheists and comment on their morals. Like you have to be religious to have any kind of moral background. Just because I don't believe in a higher power and only believe in myself does that make me bad and immoral? I don't think so.

Anyways. It just makes me sad that in this day and age that kind of anger can be around.

Oh..also bad is the weather here in Chicago. It's really really cold. We are going to end up being here pretty late tonight and thus are going to try and run Thursday-Sunday to get our 4 days of running in this week.


Jenn said...

LOVE the Sam Zell email!

Firefly's Running said...

I think Mr. Phelps needs to get a life and worry about his. A protest at a celebrity's funeral is not acceptable at all. This makes me angry.

Yes, it is SOOOO cold!

Triseverance said...

Two things, problem Sam is going to run into is that not everyone is as smart and driven as he is, in fact most are not.

I am a person of faith, not or the organized religion sort but that is not important. There is no room in my belief structure for hate. There are religios fanatics all over this planet, they are at the root of many of our greatest problems. JMHO

Running Jayhawk said...

Try having Phelps protest your human sexuality class (although that day's lesson was on homosexuality, hence why he made an appearance).

...and try having him protest outside a performance of Cabaret that you're trying to see with your husband.

And I don't remember how many times I drove by those poor young children on the sides of the road holding neon signs preaching his disgusting message.

It's effed up, man.

I swear not everything from Kansas is that psychotic. Between Fred and banning the teaching of evolution, Kansas is one strange place.

Anonymous said...

So, great about Mr. zell.

So sad about heath. I don't know why people who are preaching Christian ways don't act like christians - then again I don't practice relgion so what do I know.