Saturday, January 12, 2008

Pysch You Out In the End

What's the goofiest most addictive show on TV right now?

That's right it's Psych on USA. It's so ridiculous and Jason and I are thoroughly addicted to it these days. I recommend you check it out. Lots of wackiness ensuing. I mean really, have you had an episode with a better title than "Meat is Murder but Murder is Also Murder"? It's classic.

Jason and I did an easy breezy 6 miles around the neighborhood this morning making it 7 days in a row of working out. We are going out tonight with my friend Corey and her husband and knew that we probably wouldn't be in condition to run tomorrow so we moved our "long run" to today. should be noted that I have yet to miss a day of blogging this year....hopefully I'm not being too dull as I have noticed that happens when people start blogging everyday just because they put anything down to make sure they have a post for each day. So I'm trying to write everyday but be interesting about it at the same time which is proving to be a challenge.


Josh said...

I'm behind ... but let me just say I love that show! Love it!

LeahC said...

omg. there is another understanding soul out there. Jason and I are dying to get the first season on DVD so we can watch all the episode with commentary...i heart it.