Thursday, January 17, 2008

5 Miles & 6-1 Win

Since me and the snooze button had a fight with me on the losing end yesterday morning and I didn't head to the gym in the AM, I went for an afternoon run instead. I went for a 5 mile run around the neighborhood. Not much to note, except that the last mile was directly into the wind which is always a fun way to end the run. I haven't been timing myself on runs, but I think that I will start doing that again soon enough.

Last night Jason and I went to a Blackhawks game as part of our holiday season ticket package that Jason got me for Christmas. The first two games that we had gone to, the Blackhawks lost so we were itching to see them win. At the end of the first period one of our players went head first into the goal which was crazy. He was fine, but the Blues goalie was injured. Thus they had to put in their backup goalie who sucked. The Hawks won 6-1 which was fun. The Blues did a weird thing and pulled their goalie with over six minutes in the 3rd period. We have two more tickets in our package although we have been having a lot of fun and so we might try and get another five games. We are finally getting to know the rules of the game and so would like to see more games if possible.

No running today and tomorrow we are going to Florida for a weekend visit with my mom. Very excited since it's going to be like singular digits on Saturday and we'll be lounging in the state of oranges instead of freezing our asses off. We are going to try and run on Saturday and enjoy doing that in shorts and tanktops.


mouse said...

the pulling the goalie thing is actually pretty routine when teams are down by a lot. It allows the team that's down to have an extra offensive man on the ice... Kind of like having an extended power play. The defenders then usually are a bit more conservative and stay back a bit to make sure that, if the other team DOES get the puck, they can be back to cover the goalie-less goal.

Teams usually wait for the last 3 or so minutes, though. They probably pulled him sooner since the Blues were down by so much.

Firefly's Running said...

Have a safe trip. Please think of us who are freezing on Saturday.

LeahC said...

yeah i know that pulling the goalie is common when you are losing in the 3rd. I think it's not common to pull him so early. Well at least it seemed strange to most of the hockey nerds (oh they are big nerds) sitting around us.