Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Posting Streak Ends

Well we are here in warm and sunny Florida visiting my mom when I realized that my posting every day since the beginning of the year came to a halt yesterday. Ah well.

Nothing interesting about the flights. After we got to Tampa yesterday we went to visit my grandpa for a bit and then headed down to North Port which is where my mom lives. It's so good to see her as always and I'm pissed that we have to leave so early tomorrow morning.

We ran about 3.2 miles at about noon here which was a nice change from running outside in Chicago at this time of the year. I said I was going to start timing runs and so we actually ran on time and then figured out how far we went when we got back since we don't have any running routes in Florida. We ran 15 minutes out and finished in a total of 26:26, and the second half was directly into the wind. So just under 9 minute miles which is fine.

Good luck tomorrow to the Packers and the Chargers.


Tom said...

You'll just have to start another streak.

All the running is good running, timed or not.

Enjoy the nicer weather.

Firefly's Running said...

Life is not perfect. You can pull it off again.

LeahC said...

yo firefly...I would say that being in Florida to see my mom is perfect...I don't really care about posting everyday.