Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Playing House

Yesterday evening Jason and I came out to Brookfield to help out with the son of friends of our family. His parents are in LA and so we are here making sure he gets dinner and all that good stuff. They have a great house in Brookfield and it's been fun hanging out here. This morning Jason was out the door early to catch a 6:50 train to the city. Sam woke up around 7 and I made some pancakes before driving him to school.

Jason and I are going to try and run tomorrow evening after we get back home from here. The plan then is to run Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

Also....we are thinking about doing the Flying Pig 1/2 marathon on May 4th and following that Higdon Intermediate training plan. We did that a couple years ago for a 1/2 marathon and felt great throughout. Plus it starts out real slow so it won't be hard to jump into it. I have a week long vacation in St. Maarten coming up so I'll have to start the plan early....but I think it could be just what these runners need to get back on track.

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