Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Second Time Not A Charm

I went to my second spin class this morning again from 6-7am. I was excited to try it again as I thought the first class was hard, but not impossible.

I mentioned yesterday that I haven't been sleeping well lately. Last night was better, although it took me about an hour and a half to fall asleep. I'll get to the point where I am just on the beautiful edge of falling into the dream land, when I'll roll over or whatever and be back to staring at the clock. It's very annoying. But once I fell asleep I was asleep although still plagued with dreams of all kinds, including having to take the Physics GRE again and doing horribly on it. In the dream, my cousin Lisa's students also took the test and got perfect scores on it. She teaches at a K-8 school, which made me feel *awesome*.

But it was just a dream and I woke up at 4:55, 5 minutes before the alarm was to go off. I think I heard the coffee pot going off. Again surprising as usually a parade could walk over the bed and I would just curl up, ignore it and pass back out.

But to Spin I went. 30 minutes into the class my heart was racing and I couldn't catch my breath. The instructor came over and asked if I was ok. I just said yeah, just couldn't catch my breath. I laughed and said that it was only the second time I had done the thing called Spin. She said she remembered me the previous week and I was looking strong and pretty good then. She came back and said, "Wait, do you mean your second time on these bikes or ever?" I told her ever as I run a lot and am trying to add more cross training into my schedule. She said she was so sorry for not realizing I had never done it before. For the next little block of exercises which were sprints, I just sprinted every other one to get my breathing back into control. She said that it will take about six classes to get more into it. I told her I was stubborn and would be back on Thursday.

I guess I am a little bit concerned about my racing heart and lack of breathing, but not surprised. I drink *no* water during the day and had 2 glasses of wine last night so I think I might have been slightly dehydrated. Plus I do think that sometimes you'll do something for the first time and it's easy(ish) and then it's the second time that the difficulty really hits you.

So that's that.

In other news. Jason and I got HBO free for a year from Comcast. I called and told them I have been a good customer, love their service but hate their prices (the $99/month for the three services expired back in September). They said they could give me HBO for $10/month. I told them that they could just give it to me for free because $10 a month is nothing to them and a lot to me. The woman transfered me over to someone else and he was like, sure we can do that...and it should be connected now. Thank you Comcast!

And now time to get some work done.


lifestudent said...

Wow, way to maneuver! Free HBO! You have some excellent negotiation skills ;)

Triseverance said...

I am so using that method on my Dish Network. lol
Good job on the spin, you nailed it, we all have those days good and bad.

LeahC said...

yeah i don't know about my negotiation skills...but I do know about my stubborn skills. I just stayed on the phone. They probably can't hang up on you so if you just keep sitting there and going well I think you should give it to me...they'll say they can't. Then you say...I really bet you can and eventually you are watching She's the Man with Amanda Bynes...wait what no..I so didn't watch that movie on HBO yesterday evening.