Thursday, January 31, 2008

3 New Music Things

Ok. So what. I have in my google reader. Hello! I have to have minute by minute updates of any kind of Britney news. So while I can get a total celebrity news feeding, they also have posts highlighting some kind of musician they like. Recently there have been two that I really like.

The first was Nicole Atkins and the second is Yael Naim. You'll recognize the second one if you lick your TV everytime there is a Mac commercial on TV as her song New Soul is the background to the new MacAir commercial. I got both of their albums on iTunes and am digging them immensely....digging them immensely? that anywhere close to making sense? Ah well, whatever. This isn't english class.

The third piece of music is expanding our Jack Johnson collection, adding in his debut Album Brushfire Fairytales. It's a great album & very mellow. There is a song on there called Bubble Toes which is great, but sounds oh so familiar. Like I totally get that all of his music kind of sounds the same, but this one I know like I KNOW it......but have no idea where I would have heard it or anything. It's making me (and Jason as he agrees) crazy.

Am I trying to cover up the fact that I did not in fact make it to the gym this morning. Yep. I suck so bad. But good music helps.


GeekGirl said...

I am a HUGE Perez Hilton reader. I also do The Superficial and Pink is the New Blog!

I made my mom promise me that if I ever brought home anyone that looks as toolish as Brit's pap "boyfriend" she'd have me committed right away. She agreed. :-)

Bridgette said...

Now, you konw that I love the Perezzers!! :)

I totally need to get some new tunes on my sansa...