Thursday, January 10, 2008

Snoooooze and What Plan?


Well I was 2/2 and now I am 2/3 getting up early to go to the gym. The plan was to go spin at 6:30 and follow it with some weightlifting. But the snooze button and Jason being under the blanket going, "Leah I'm just really sore" turns into...."Well, ok I guess we shouldn't start working out 6 days a week" and me banging on the alarm and then finally resetting it for 6:15. I even went to bed early last night. And by go to bed I mean passed out reading.

So. We'll see. I might go out for a 3-4 mile run before the rain comes in this afternoon. Tomorrow there is a pilates class at 9:15 that I will do and follow it with a run. So that's the plan. It's all coming together.

But what is coming together? Do we have a plan? A strategy? A race calendar?


I guess spending a year of my life training and being excited about being fast and then being stupid enough to not have a backup plan (like had I signed up for two marathons around the same time...then if the Chicago weather was bad I could have skipped it completely and run the second one) is annoying me...yes still. The disappointment of Chicago is still frustrating. Am I proud of myself for getting through the whole thing and being smart enough to know early that it wasn't going to happen, and thus stayed out of any real health trouble? Yeah, I am actually. I just don't know if I can put that kind of effort in again.

That's bullshit. I know I can train with that kind of effort. I just am not jumping up and down in excitement to do that.

So for now we are going to run and workout and be excited about being able to do things in the workout world other than just run. I don't know if we are going to even sign up for a marathon this year. However, I love training for marathons in the summer because I love running along the lake and being outdoors in this great city. So we'll see what happens. Right now we are just running and lifting weights and enjoying that.


Triseverance said...

Leah, why do I feel like you are talking yourself into this laid back approach. :) I have little doubt a plan will form. :)

LeahC said...

I think we have a general workout plan. Maybe once we are back into the thick of training we'll be ready to sign up for a marathon...but then again...maybe not. We'll see.

ShoreTurtle said...

I feel exactly the same way about Chicago. I'm happy I finished. I knew early on that a PR was not to be.

I've mostly let it go. Reading about the race in RW brought everything back.

I'm taking a break in '08 from the full marathon training and focus on 1/2 marathon distance and shorter. I decided this prior to Chicago--and as disappointing as the marathon was--I'm sticking to my decision.

I know that you can't do peak training all year round, but not having a plan definitely feels weird. I'll probably goof around a couple more weeks and then settle into a plan.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your time off from training. Have fun at the gym.