Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Finally A Good Night Sleep

Last night Jason and I were both tired. Me because I haven't been sleeping well and him because...well I guess because he has to go work at a real job all day long now. So we went to bed with big plans to get up at 5am.

So last night, I was reading in bed and Jason crawled into bed and the entire bottom mattress fell off the bed frame. Our bed is from my bedroom set that I got back in 1993. It's a fine bed but the bed frame is simply two wooden edges (I have no idea how to describe it). Basically it's barely balanced on the frame. There are two support slats that go perpendicular to the frame (thus supporting the mattress), but they aren't the most brilliant invention as their little feet don't hit the the floor. Anyways. We have talked about getting a new mattress where then they would bring in a new type of frame to go within the wooden frame of the bed, but we want to wait till we move so we don't have to move a mattress.

ANYWAYS. So the bed has fallen off the frame. So we get up, take off the top mattress and carefully align the bottom mattress so it's balanced. Top mattress goes back on, bed gets remade. I get in bed. Jason gets in bed. BAM. Completely falls off. Jason and I are laughing so hard at this point that tears are rolling down my face. We had to repeat the process one more time at which point we were just like. Ok, it should be fine as long as we don't move at all.

Our alarm went off at 5am. I banged on it until about 5:18 (9 minutes per snooze you know) and then Jason was like, "yeah I'm not getting up". So I reset it for 6:30. I am feeling tons better though this morning as I feel that I finally got some good sleep last night. I am going to try and go for a 5 mile run around the neighborhood this afternoon. Tonight is a Blackhawks game so I don't know if I'll be getting up early for that Spinning class tomorrow. If not, I'll be back there on Tuesday.


Jason said...

but they aren't the most brilliant invention as their little feet don't hit the the floor

I hope we don't have kids with the same problem.

Firefly's Running said...

Oh my! You two were not having any good luck last night. It's a good excuse to sleep in.