Friday, October 13, 2006

The World According to Garp by John Irving

No I didn't forget how to read. But I did read this one a bit slow because of moving and time being less available now that I am not on shifts anymore. Ok on to the review.

Strange to say the least yet really good. I read Cider House Rules a couple of years ago and I wasn't a huge fan. My friend told me it was her favorite book and I read it just to get to the end of it (if that makes sense). Garp was also given to me by a friend who said it was the best book she had read in awhile. I was a bit skeptical after my previous experience with Irving, but I found this book to be a lot better.

T.S. Garp was born to Jenny Fields who was a bit of a nut. The book starts off with descriptions of Jenny's life and how Garp came into the picture and then moves on to follow Garps life as he grows up. It follows him through world travels, first novels, first loves, first kids, second kids, pains of love & life Jenny becomes a famous feminist and Garp has that on his plate as well.

I realize that I am doing a less than stellar job describing this book, probably because I started it so long ago that my memory on the beginning part of the story is a bit vague.....then again it could be that I am not a professional book reviewer. So as usual in this reader's opinion, a good read. I believe, however, it's a book which needs to be sat down with and read for awhile at a time. I was reading a page here and a page there and I think I lost a bit in doing that.

Enjoy. Read On. Run On. Taper On.

Happy Friday!

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Now rent the Movie, I love the movie.