Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Best Run of the Season?

Well Well Well.

I went out at 5pm today for a marathon dress rehearsal. The plan called for 7 miles with 2 at Marathon Pace. Since I am undecided about my marathon pace...I know I know we are 4 days away blah blah.....I decided to run the first two slowish, nice quick pace for 3 and 4 and then easy breezy for 5-7. After having a frustrating work day (I really do exist right? Like I am sitting here typing this....ok I thought so. GRUMBLE.) I probably did the first mile too fast which of course lead to 2-4 being a bit too fast. But I have to tell you, I felt STRONG. I had sore shins for the beginning miles but I was caught at a light for a few seconds and I stretched them a bit....kinda helped. I think it just goes away eventually. I ran the first two miles in 8:58 and 8:51 respectively which lead to an 8:06 and an 8:01 for 3 and 4. I know this is too fast, but I felt great so I am thinking that an 8:30-8:45 pace is going to feel just fine. The last three miles were 9:13, 8:49 & 8:54. I have to say that I was feeling smooth and strong on those last three miles.

So. There. I don't know what to do with that. It was only 7 miles, but we'll see what Sunday will bring me. I still think a 3:40 is out of reach........but you never know what the 2nd half of the race will bring.

I did get some valuable information from the run as it was raining. The shirt I was planning is not going to work. It's almost spongy like (it's a Nike shirt, but maybe not dry fit?) and when it gets wet it's going to get heavy and chaffe my arms. So I am on a mission to find a singlet that will work better for the race. All the other clothes felt great, including the socks I was wearing (sometimes the bottoms of my feet get really sore....getting to warm?). My clothing plan for the marathon will be shorts, singlet and an old technical long sleeve shirt that I have, ear band and gloves that I modeled here. I will loose the long sleeve shirt, ear band and gloves during the race either at Mile 1, 3.5 or 8 where our spectators will be.

Come on Sunday!

**Note : Jason was still out today trying to fix his back. He say the ice is helping. He'll go out for the 5 miles on Friday and see how it's doing, at least to get an idea of what to expect to feel while running. Think good thoughts!**


Brooklyn said...

Good luck Sunday! Ah, but you don't need luck. You have training and experience on your side. So... good luck with the weather, hope it's sunny.

Thomas said...

Whatever you do, don't wear anything new on Sunday! Oh, and I can't believe you took photos of that poor chap in an ice batch. That's inhumane.

Anonymous said...

Great modeling!
Best of luck on Sunday - can't wait to hear your prespective!
My best good healing thoughts to you Jason. Rest well.

LeahC said...

i know i shouldn't wear anything new.....BUT the options are a shirt that I know will possibly rub my arms raw (although doesn't look like we are going to get rain) or a new one that might work a bit better on that front. We'll see what I see at the expo.

I am pretty sure i don't want to go to a shirt with sleeves for the same reasons....I think I'd rather be a bit cold than chaffed :-)