Monday, October 16, 2006

Why Can't My Teams Be Easy to Watch

Why Why. Why couldn't I grow up a Yankee fan or a fan of any team that doesn't give me a stroke in the first 1/4 of every game.

What is this Bears Shit on the field. Not the team we have been watching for the past 5 weeks. And what ESPN? is this the Matt Leinart show? How about one more shot of him? Please. It's like when the Cubs were in the playoffs in 2003, it was all about the stupid goat. That's what I hate when they are national TV because you lose the home team announcers. Matt Leinart my ass.

I have now put myself into my office with the door closed and am listening to music loud enough to drown out the Bears game that Jason is faithfully watching. He'll just be happy because his beloved Colts will be undefeated and the Bears will have lost to a shitty ass team.


**update : in case you were wondering, the idiot ESPN announcers "really like" what the cardinal offense is doing. Really like it. Really like it. They also like Matt Leinhart. By the way, the could also stop showing his stupid college highlights as he is now in the NFL. Jesus the Bears look bad tonight!**


Josh said...

I hope you didn't turn the game off....

Scott said...

Did you notice that Linehart crapped his pants everytime the Bears rushed him and threw the ball into the dirt. Hmmm...that didn't exactly get mentioned by the boys in the booth. Too busy going over his college highlights I guess.