Monday, October 02, 2006


A great article for all you Bears fans out there.


Haight said...

But what about all the good news up on the northside?

Bye Bye Dusty & MacFail!

Like Meatloaf used to sing...'two out of three ain't bad'

Oh...and great work on the 20 miler

Bridgette said...

I hate to be the Indy party-pooper... but, alas, someone has to be! :)

Rex, Brian, Wale, ah....

I won't do it to you...its too easy & it'll be like your mom telling you that you have to do your chores when you still feel the fun from the party the night before.

LeahC said...

well when indy stops pooping their pants in the playoffs you can make fun of us Bear fans...wait what was the Colts record last year? 14-2? bad did they lose the first game?

The marriage will be over by the way if there is a Colts Bears GO BEARS

Firefly's Running said...

Booo Bear! **grin** Go Vikes!