Friday, October 06, 2006

2.5 Weeks?

Till the Chicago Marathon? Well yes....

but I am talking about the number of weeks it's been since your fearless duo has done laundry. With running we burn through 3 or 4 "outfits" (I use outfits loosly as I work at home and so outfits are t-shirts and jeans....but still) a day. PJs, "work" clothes, running clothes, evening clothes. so waiting to do laundry for so long means that, well you might say, it has piled up. Piled up such that there are no more containers in our apartment to hold it all. This is addition to the few bags of sweaters/whatwasleftattheoldapartment means that the party on Friday night for J&L is at the good ole' laundrymat.

Oh Please, I know you are jealous.

We have 4 miles with 6x100m planned for early evening. We'll run down to the track and sprint on the straight parts and walk on the curvy parts. Tomorrow it's 5 miles at a higher clip, then 16 on Sunday. I might run the 5 tomorrow in my new shoes to get them warmed up to be fast.

Happy weekend everyone.


Firefly's Running said...

I could NEVER go that long without doing laundry. Plus I make the hubby do it on the day that I work and he doesn't. :)

Anonymous said...

At least you are going out. I'm at home with my hound dog doing my pile of laundry.
Good luck with the runs this weekend - it is suppose to be beautiful in the city.