Tuesday, October 31, 2006

70 Degrees? October 30th?

I'll take it!

I went out running yesterday for the first time since the 2006 Chicago Marathon. My dad gave me a new iPod nano and so I made a running playlist for roughly 1 hour of running. It's really fun to have playlists as usually I just put a bunch of songs together that are "Run Fast" songs and I end up running real fast in the beginning and screwing up the run for the rest of the time. So the playlist was awesome with some slow songs in the beginning and moved onto faster peppier songs includeing 'One' by Metallica which should be on everyone's running playlist as far as I am concerned after listening to it last night. So in short (too late) iPod nano = awesome! More running with music for me.

When I started running I had the weirdest feeling in my legs. What's that? You don't hurt? You feel like you are bounding down the street in the free-est of ways? Ok then. I think the week off was awesome and totally worth it as my legs felt incredible. It was a beautiful night out (one in which I should have relished in a bit more as we are going to move away from 70 degrees and into 10 degrees) and I went 5.25 miles averaging rougly 9 min/miles.

When I got home I made an effort to stretch. I think Jason and I have to be more conscience about doing that after our runs to try and prevent injuries and just being a bit more flexible won't be so bad.

The plan of the week is to run Wednesday, Friday and Saturday (I got Bears tickets AGAIN for this Sunday. Stay tuned for pictures from last Sunday's game which was awe-some!). I'm hoping to get about 20 miles in this week, 25 next week,30 the week following and stick there for a couple weeks so I can be ready and comfortable to start the Pfitz 12/55 on December 4th.

Happy Halloween everyone! I believe we are watching Halloween tonight (yes ON halloween......cause I'm so cool like that) which in my opinion is by far the best scary movie out there :-)


Running Jayhawk said...

Nice run, Leah. And yes...yesterday's weather was beyond beautiful!

Are we still on for tonight?

Josh said...

It was 70 here yesterday too. Now it's 40. Boooo to the weather! Congrats on the Nano!

Ryan said...

Nano is the best thing that's happened to a solo runner. I swear by mine. Glad to hear your return to running was so easy.

Andrea said...

>Pfitz 12/55 on December 4th.

what did I miss? what are you training for?

Firefly's Running said...

Um...Leah and Jason, heads up for both of you. Reality will be setting in tommorow....and it can SO brutal. **sigh** Enjoy it while it lasts.

mouse said...

halloween IS by far the best scary movie. we used to have halloween movie thons when I lived in a house with 5 other girls in college. I bet our neighbors hated us with all the high pitched screaming and such.

Jason said...

Andrea -

We're training for the Sarasota Marathon in March.