Monday, October 09, 2006


My feet hit the pavement.
Left Right Left Right
My legs hurt
My shoulders are tired
Left Right Left Right
9 miles to go today
Left Right Left Right
2 weeks left till race day
Left Right Left Right
You can't help but to ask,
All the work, will it pay off?
Left Right Left Right
It's taper time.
It's time to think about why we do this.
To think about why we run.
To think about why we pound the pavement.
Left Right Left Right.


Bob said...

Why because I can, because there are so few outlets left for to truly achive at my highest possible level. Not an elite level but at my elite level.
Every day I put in the time, I put in the miles or I rest. I run fast, I run slow whatever the plan calls for that day. I push myself every day, I overcome adversity, I overcome negative thoughts, I overcome complacency. I pound the pavement for small little gains every day, deposits in the Bank of Chicago if you will. I will withdraw this account in full on Oct. 22nd and plan on spending every last penny.

John said...

I like how your blog posts are getting all reflective and artistic during your taper :-) You two will do great at Chicago and I think sub 4 is well within reach. Keep it up!

Firefly's Running said...

Leah, you CAN do it! You are almost there. You will be AWESOME!

Thomas said...

Tapering seems to get your creative juices flowing.