Tuesday, October 10, 2006


That's what I said that all the paperwork is to the head of my experiment. I think we can expect that he won't be giving me a recommendation.

Ok, but please. I have worked here for 2.5 years and all of a sudden I need 4 MORE certificates on things like :
  • personal protective equiptment (make sure you wear shoes to work)
  • environmental hazards (don't eat glue)
  • hazard communications (don't put the phone to your face cause you might break out)
I mean come on! How is this necessary? Apparently all new employees have to take these. I didn't have to take these when I started here. So they waited until they had the tests online for all current users of the lab so they could do them then. Whatever, I have five other training types but apparently being radiation ready or able to assist in the beam pipe just isn't good enough. I hate this bureaucratic government bullshit.

I love it, cause no one here knows how to deal with me. When I ask what's the point, they say, "cause you have to". I LOVE it. My dad can attest that my side of the family does not like this kind of crap.

What a shitty day this ended up being.

Oh yeah....and Jason and I aren't going to get paid 550 dollars of our salary (we get a cost of living adjustment for the move from Southern-Indiana-Hickville to Chicago-Land-Of-Coolness). They knew about this at the end of September, we found out today (yes that's right almost 2 weeks later) that we wont' be getting this. I so was planning on getting that money this month and so spent accordingly. Well, I'll tell you what, I am going to love the blinds and curtains I put up in my bedroom cause I'm probably going to have to be eating them by the end of the month. AWESOME. What makes this even better is that while I was about 2 dollars above minimum wage, now I'm like 50 cents above. See, they aren't treating us like slave labor. Again I say Bullshit.


Ok, pissy act is over. Shift is almost over. Time to go home.


Danny said...

Enjoying the taper madness, are we?

Actually, I had one of those sessions at the hospital yesterday. Very annoying. In my case it's annoying to know that medicare only cares if I "check off boxes" and not whether I spend an hour talking to the patient/family or not....

Danny said...

hey, i just noticed your "favicon". nice!

(nobody's noticed mine since I put it there about two months ago!)

Running Jayhawk said...

Agreed. Absolute, total horse shit.

Yesterday was a crummy day all around I think.


(if you end up eating the blinds, be careful with the curvy pointy decorative ending of the rod...that could do some major interior damage.)

Josh said...

That sucks! But good for you for calling it like it is. I'm definitely the same way.

And if you eat your blinds, make sure to put something on them at least. Like BBQ sauce. Or Ketchup.

Theoutofshapeguy said...

Wait one minute, you mean to tell me that I shouldn't eat glue? What? Why didn't anyone tell me.

Other than that,is your boss Kathie Lee Gifford? Do you work in a sweet shop? This whole thing is horsecrap. I think its time to go to CANS!!!! Or you can help us polish off all the beer in our fridge from barbs bday gathering.

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

When you Jason win the Nobel Prize for Physics someday I hope you'll mention all this in your acceptance speech.

LeahC said...

oh yeah the nobel is totally coming my way.....hahaha. when i am using my phd in physics to bartend :-)

Haight said...

Wouldn't you need chemistry to bartend? Just saying...