Monday, October 02, 2006

Oh Sweet Love of the Taper

Well folks. The race is 20 days away. Say it slowly Perry Cox style (that's a little shout out to Lisa and Evin or any other Scrubs fans) :

Tweeeeeeennnnnnnntyyyyyyyyy Daaaaaaaaaaaysssssssss Leeeeeeeeeeeeft



Don't freak out.

I am starting to be pissed at myself for missing some runs during this training series, and for doing some too slow. What if I had made every run. Would I still have Boston in my eyes as I did at the beginning of the summer. What if I could have been tougher and gotten runs in, even after working midnight - 8am or after our initial move to the apartment when Jason and I schelpped stuff in cars for roughtly 40 hours on 3 hours of sleep. What if....

What if life hadn't gotten in my flippin' way.

Well then it wouldn't be called life I guess. I did what I could given the hours that Fermilab handed me, and well it's just going to have to be enough.

Now it's time to taper (how fun was it looking at the schedule for the week? It was beauty!) and time to reflect on the race itself. What's our plan? When do we start to kick it? 20 miles 15 miles? 23 miles? Will we be able to be tough in those last 6 miles? How many times will we get gatorade or water? How many places are we going to see family? How do we make it as great of an experience as last year (last year by the way I told Jason at mile 15 that I would NEVER ever do this again.....then I finished......can't beat that feeling).

Jason and I are working on our plan and talking about how we want to race it. Last year it was all about finishing, this year it's about finishing.....but finishing in 4 hours or less :-)

20 days people. 20. days.


NINE:14 said...

Kick but you guys, the next 20 days shuld be fun

Andrea said...

ahhh, the old "what if" game. Gotta love taper time, I'm doing the same thing! It's as though we can't train, so we doubt instead!

Josh said...

I love Scrubs! And I'm the same way ... strategically planning out what I'm going to do, while at the same time, worrying about the days I missed, slacked off a bit, etc.

Bob said...

Number one you guys will be fine. I seriously think you underestimate yourselfs. I point to the Indy Mini. I know you shocked yourself with that performance. I have followed your blog from before that and after. I have to believe you are more fit now then you were then.

Four hours will be a snap for you guys.

Bob said...

Oh that spelling was terrible yourselves, jeeze. Sorry.

Arcaner said...

Ah yes the taper madness sets in. 4 hours should be doable based on what you guys have been able to accomplsih to date.

Firefly's Running said...

Enjoy the taper!