Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Seriously. Snow Showers? I know it's early still and I know that it's only 40% chance of percipitation.....but come one! At least the high for the day moved up a degree.


Josh said...

The part I keep laughing at is their "fitness comfort index." A 3? Really? Maybe that's for people taking a short jog down the block.

LeahC said...

I think the '3' is event conditions. awesome. I think it should be like a -300. crap. oh well we'll all be Rockys on Sunday

Frank said...

The Mac OS X weather widget is still saying partly cloudy and 51. Let's hope they are right! It's really making it hard to decide what I'm going to wear though. Starting a race at 37 degrees with shorts and a t-shirt does not sound like fun :)

ShoreTurtle said...

Accuweather, which I have found to be fairly reliable says mostly cloudy and colder. 42 degrees at race start (real feel 30 degrees). 45 degreees at noon (real feel 36). It doesn't mention any precipitation so maybe you'll be okay.

Good luck with your last few days of taper madness.

You two will do great on Sunday!

LeahC said...

hey frank-

I would suggest starting with shorts/t-shirt with long sleeves over. drop the long sleeve part way through the race :-) It still doesn't sound like fun though. especially if the real feel of the morning is 30 degrees.....shit.

Running Jayhawk said...


I am seriously getting bitter and PO'ed over this.