Friday, October 20, 2006

Weather Practice

Since I am so worried about the temps on Sunday I thought I would go out and practice my clothing plan to see how I felt.

Jason and I got up at 6am this morning and were out by 6:30am. The temperature at this time was 39 degrees. This is what it will be at race time tomorrow. The difference being Sunday it will "feel like" 28 and today the feels like temp was 39. We started in shorts, thin tank top, long sleeve technical, sweat pants, sweat shirt, ear band and gloves. We ran a .7 mile loop to warm up, streteched and dropped off the sweat pants and sweat shirt at our apartment. Then we ran a 1 mile loop with the shorts, long sleeve technical, gloves and ear band. Then dropped off the long sleeve, ear band and gloves and went for another 2 miles in just the shorts and tank top.

Although my skin was pretty chilly on top my legs were fine. I will need to find a thicker type tank top (maybe even short sleeve shirt) and I think I'll be fine. I'll drop the sweats right before we start the reace, then I'll drop off the mid layer with our spectators either at mile 1 or mile 3. I know it's bad to run the race in something new.....but I think it will be better than any of the tops I currently own.

We need to go find some cheap throw away sweats and I think we'll be set.

So, ran 3.7 miles today instead of 5 and didn't do any strides as the plan called for and will probably run 2-3 tomorrow morning early instead of 4. We'll be at the finish line tomorrow at about 7:30am if anyone wants to join us (unless it's raining then we might not go because I don't want my marathon shoes wet on race day)


Firefly's Running said...

Sounds like a good plan!

Arcaner said...

as much as I'd like to come out, i think i'm going to be sleeping in. Good luck to both of you on Sunday!

Nicole said...

I'm glad that we are all in the same boat - sounds like a good plan though and maybe all the weather reports are wrong.