Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tough Week Ahead

Well as Jason mentioned yesterday I had a tough day at Fermilab yesterday. Shifting from Midnight-8am might suck because it's stupid to be awake at those hours, but at least it's quiet in the control room. All the experts are working from 8am-4pm and so with all their tweaking of programs/crates/whatever the Data Aquisition System can get a little screwy.

Aside from that I am TOTALLY stressed about my analysis. I have to give a presentation on Thusday, but I have these shifts from 8-4 when it's hard to work, so Jason and I will be staying late at the lab the next two days. Running you say? Well of course! We are going to move our runs to the lab this way I can get out of the building for a little bit and the come back and work for a few more hours anyways. Today is 8miles with 10x100m

I get real ansy because people this work is my THESIS work, not just some little project like I have worked on before. This is for all the money and I am feeling that it is so rushed and I'm being a bad little programmer and not being very organized which is never good. I have to get myself under control though because if I can just step back, make a list of little tasks to do and get through those it's better than looking at the whole thing. Perhps like a marathon? You can't look at at the 26.2 miles because that's terrifying...gotta take it one mile at a time (like how I pulled it all together. I know I know, I'm totally awesome :-) )


Bob said...

Good luck Leah, and you will do great!

Haight said...

Just like the Cubs...one game at a time, right? (don't let the last couple wins fool ya, we still stink)

LeahC said...

i'm not giving up on them yet!!!

Joe said...

> I am feeling that it is so rushed and
> I'm being a bad little programmer
> and not being very organized which
> is never good.

Can you use any open source C libraries to do some of the "heavy lifting"? I realize that your programs are probably very specialized and require lots of specific problem domain programming. However, you might be able to find some libraries to do some of the more mundane tasks. Check out Sourceforge.

In the Java world, I can usually find an open source library to solve most of the generic programming problems I face. We just have to fill in the blanks with domain specific code as needed.

Good luck!

LeahC said...

nah, it's not like that. I am sure if I was a better programmer I could have taken advantage of that a couple of steps ago and kept things organized. We have our own libraries here at the lab that we use and I do take advantage of that...i'm just bad with the naming of things lots of new files with _todaysdate tacked onto the end. :-)

Lana said...

oh gosh - I am the queen of filename_todaysdate or filename_old or filename_oldbutworks....and I am unorganized as hell too.

You will be fine, though...I'm sure you will get it all pulled together because you've got that "never fail" mentality.

Best of luck to ya!

Joe said...

> i'm just bad with the naming of things > lots of new files with _todaysdate
> tacked onto the end. :-)

Gah! You can't get a job here then! ;-)

Man, we are so picky about class names, variable names, method names, etc.

BTW, are you guys using any sort of version control system (e.g CVS or Subversion)?

LeahC said...


i don't actually think i can get a job with anyone programming :-( Apparently with a PhD I am supposed to know way more about programming than I do and since I can't tell folks what happens at compile time I am not qualified...PhD in physics...but whatever (this is a sore subject with me :-( )

I could learn to do better with naming files obviously, but being a grad student you don't report to anyone! you write your code, fit your histograms, show your results, write a paper and graduate. There isn't anyone else using your code usually.

I get frustrated because I am not trained to write "pretty code" I am trained to get the job done and that doesn't seem to be a good quality to have for a lot of companies. ok i am done ranting now...have to work on my presentation for tomorrow eek. :-)