Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Just When I Thought I Was Out....


Well my practice talk sucked. I got only critisims and no compliments. AND I have to add in all kinds of shit to the talk. All kinds of physics results and plots and whatever. Which is fine, but it would have been nice if that would have been brought up two days ago when I started going to people for help.


Jason and I are going to try run 10 miles tonight after my shift.....which is at midnight.

Then I'll probably just keep my skinny ass here at the lab till tomorrow at midnight because my level of sucktitude is so high I have to give ANOTHER practice talk tomorrow.



Jason said...

Just for the record, we both suck. I also was criticized on every slide and have to add a whole load of crap. And I also have to give another practice talk, probably because I barely knew what I was talking about. Actually, I think if I wasn't giving another practice talk, they wouldn't make Leah give one. But I guess they figure if I'm going she might as well go too. We are, after all, one person.

It's a fun process, this practice talk thing.

LeahC said...

Yes, but at least Jason didn't start crying like a 12 year old girl during the critisism....unlike me who could barely walk out of the room without hyperventilating and at least, at least now me and my blood shot eyes look like a heroin addict. I'm so freakin' cool!

Running Jayhawk said...

You seem like you need a big hug. Or a beer.

Or both?

Hang in there...and be safe if you run 10 after midnight tonight...ok?

Bridgette said...

AWWWW, I want to go to Chi & give you a big snuggle-wuggle. It'll go better!!!

Running Rabbit said...

Where in the hell can you run at midnight that's safe??

LeahC said...

we will run here at fermi lab. but even if it was in the city we would just run along the lake front path and we would be fine. Hopefully the coyotes here at the lab won't get us though :-)

Scott said...

Oh for Christ's sake...RUB SOOME DIRT IN IT!

Love you,