Saturday, June 17, 2006

Recovery Recovery

Today we had a 4 mile recovery run and did we ever take the recovery route. We stopped to stretch a couple times and the second time stopped for quite a bit to try and work out the kinks in our legs. We slowly made it back to our neighborhood and walked the rest of the way after hitting Sheffield & Waveland. I understand that recovery runs should be slow, I just felt way sluggish today. A part of that is the heat I realize, but I hope all goes well tomorrow for our long run.

My concern about the run tomorrow is timing. We could get up and go early in the morning but my cousin and her boyfriend are staying with us and so we won't be going to bed early, plus we have the Cubs game today (my new favorite pitcher Carlos Marmol is pitching today!) and are meeting people for beers and burgers before the point is that I don't necessarily want to get up early tomorrow.

So we could go in the the heat and just take the hit in speed. If we do this I think we'll end at North Avenue Beach and go swimming....this is always a really nice treat after a long hot run and makes running in these high temps worth it....but from NAB we have about 4 miles to walk home...which is fine....just something to think about.

OR we could go in the evening after the sun goes down a bit. This won't help the temperature much but would help the direct sun on us. Add into all this that we have to go to Fermilab at midnight for shifts. I am thinking now that I would like to go in the afternoon because then I could come home and be tired and nap for a few hours before going into work.

I am expecting that what ever time we go it's going to be hot and so we have to be smart and make sure we take enough water and fuel along the way. So here's to a steamy 14 miles and



Bob said...

Be smart my 12 started off slow and with alot of talking to myself. But it got better and I ended up having a nice run. But it is hot hot hot right now, 20 deg hotter then 7am when I ran.

Haight said...



Ryan said...

Good luck on the long run today, Leah & Jason. You're knocking out 14 today and getting a jump on the marathon training. Luckily, there's no sun today. Sounds like you're working hard to balance the schedule!

PS - How are you staying Cub-loyal when they are this bad?? I'm impressed w/your dedication.