Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Closing in

So Leah has a talk tomorrow, the first talk on her thesis work. She's closing in on her result and it's pretty exciting (whee!). When I finished my paper for my analysis she bought me an iPod. I wonder what she'll get?

So, while she works on her talk (she's sitting over to my left. Hi Leah!), I'll eat my ice cream and discuss lots of important running topics.


Ah yes, the Pfitz plan. There was much debate in the comments section of our 8 mile roundup with regards to how to run the 10x100 sprint runs properly (well, by debate, I really mean a couple people saying "well, I don't know for sure, but that's what I thought. What do you think?") and this sparked a spat of running research on the trusty internet. The general consensus amonst the net-people is that Bob is right in his running and that we are wrong. So, our training is ruined and we've decided to give up on the marathon and dedicate ourselves to eating each and every variety of Little Debbie snack cake.

Okay, maybe not, but we do plan on doing these properly next time. So, the idea behind these "stride runs" is to increase your turnover rate and inprove your running form (and by "your" I mean "my." I'm not sure why I switched to the second person there). Thus, it is best to do the "sprint" part fast, like as fast as you can without breaking form and the "slow" part as a full recovery run, i.e. sloooowwwly. Walk if you need to. One should not be tired when it comes to sprint time as this will lead to a degredation of form. There is not really any concern with going too slow as the point of these runs is not aerobic training.

Frankly, I think they sound pretty hard Bob's way, but I don't suppose they were all that easy our way either. So, thanks, Bob, for setting us straight.

Tomorrow we have 10 miles of "general aerobic" crap which, I think, means we run at our normal pace. No sprints, no Lactating threshold...just running. I think I can do that. An ice bath will possibly follow, unless we use up all the ice with margaritas (either way, the pain will be lessened).


Running Jayhawk said...

Margarita's and Little Debbie?? Can I come over?!? If you want some rockin' 'ritas...head to Meztiso, one will have you hanging from the ceiling.

...oh yah, I need to email you two back about that. Whoops.

I'd suggest a group run, but lets face it, you two would kick our asses. We won't hold it against ya though.

Bob said...

Ha jason you crack me up, fact is I thought I was doing it wrong we figured it out together. Thomas was the first guy in with the correct answer.

I have to admit, the strides are not that bad I live in far greater fear of long intervals at HM pace.

Good thing you guys started early, now you can go back to the beginning and start over. heheheheh

Bob said...

ohhhh and good luck to Leah with the Talk!!....... Damn now I have to do another word verification.

Susan said...

Is it me or does Leah look a little like the Little Debbie girl? hee. give up the ice bath and drink only margaritas!

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

I'm still laughing at "fartlek."