Thursday, June 29, 2006

Much Needed Non Running

Well I can chalk up yesterday to being one my worst days ever. Nothing seemed to go right from presentations, to exhausted freak outs, to bad food, to stomach issues, to highways being closed.

Today we were supposed to run a 5 mile recovery. That's not going to happen as I haven't eaten much all day and my body is just exhausted. We are still going to try for 17 miles tomorrow though, but I am guessing it will be a pretty slow and steady deal. Then perhaps I can get the 5 miles in on Saturday before we leave for England.

We still have TONS to do for our trip including getting back out to the western suburbs to drop the cat off at our friends house. We had plans to drop the cat off today at 4pm which is towards the end of the work day BUT RCN sucks and our internet went out and so we had to come into the lab early so that jason could finish up his talk for our round two of practice talks.

Ok goal for the day : No Crying during critisism stage of my practice talk. Cause .... THERE'S NO CRYING IN PHYSICS. I just hope they don't ask for all kinds of additions to the talk....cause I am so flippin' exhausted that I can't will myself to add more slides at this point.

Ok. here's to a good practice talk. and hopefully smooth sailing for the next day and a half before our trip. and then it's ENGLAND BABY!!!!

**editors note: The practice talk went really well!!! I kinda think that it's because of yesterday's debacle and they didn't want to be mean to me.....but I'll take it!**


Kendra said...

Hope your day is going MUCH better than yesterday. Have a great time in England!

Bridgette said...

I think that you should really listen to your body. If it is a recovery run, what is more recovery-ish than a day of NOT running?

Do I sound convincing like I know what I'm talking about?

Ryan said...

The puke story sounds brutal. Sorry you weren't feeling well.

I agree with Bridgette's comment in listening to your body. Blowing off the 5-miler is the right move. Get a good night's rest tonight if you can.

You look crazy busy right now with work. Hope everything goes as planned. Good luck on your trip!

jeanne said...

i bet the practice talk went well because it was GOOD! not bcs they felt sorry for you! Good luck in England.

Josh said...

I'm glad you decided to take a break -- it definitely sounds as if it were much needed. Hope you had a good long run,and have a great vacation!

Thomas said...

Eek! Glad that at least the practice talk went well. Run the 17 miler tomorrow only if you're totally confident that you're up to it.

Bob said...

Man you are always on the go. Have an awsome time on the other side of the pond. Seriously relax a bit recharge those batteries.

Joe said...

Good luck with your talk and have fun on your trip.