Thursday, June 15, 2006

Just the Usual Thursday 10 Miles

We had another general aerobic 10 mile run today. After a stop at Dicks sporting good in Lombard we randomly ran into a fellow Chicago Blogger and got home in what was, for once, a reasonable amount of time. I had probably purchased too much...but, oh well, I needed some technical undies (and apparently I wasn't the only one) and had read some good things about the Underarmour brand. Dicks had a wide selection and so I got some, plus some more Nike Shorts + sports bras because let's be honest it's hot and sticky out, you are not wearing those guys more than once before they need to be washed...and probably washed more than once, at that :-)

So we went out for the 10 miles hoping to keep the 8:45 pace that we have been keeping on these runs. I have to admit I wasn't feeling like a rockstar today; I was just a little blah blah during the run. Maybe like a rockstar after a big show, so I would be all tired out and stuff? I'm not giving up on the Rockstar career....well, that or an Olympic athlete or maybe a Doctor OR...well you get the idea.

We decided to try the Clif Bloks instead of the Jelly Belly Sports Beans and so we each took three of the blocks which equals 100 calories. These weren't great. Not the best taste and with the beans they take awhile to dissolve in your mouth. I would totally recommend the beans over the bloks (Jason says: Bad after taste which, if you take them during your run, is really a during taste and that's not fun. And I think they made my mouth numb, which wa totally unnecessary).

I also think I was dehydrated again because I can really tell the difference if I have had enough water before the run compared to when I haven't. I have one of those Nalgene bottles and if I can get through two of them during the day I usually feel pretty good. I only got through 1/2 of one today so, needless to say, not feeling great.

However all, that being said, even with one really long mile about half way (9:50 -We stopped for water and to eat one of the Bloks) we still paced an average of 8:45. So, we're still on target which is nice to see. Our last four miles were nice and quick too, coming in at 8:29, 8:31, 8:35, 8:00.

Tomorrow is an off day and the Chicago Runners Meet Up (By the way, we need a cool (and I'm using the air quotes on cool name, which is probably not necessary since I could use actual quotes since I'm, you know, writing...but whatever) Chicago Runners Unite or CREW. You see, being a physicist, all I hear are acronyms of which I don't know what they stand for :-) )

See some of you tomorrow and everyone else...Happy Running.


Scott said...

I would have bet a lot that I could have lived my whole life and not read the phrase "technical underware" and have it not be a movie title.

Who knew?

The DAd

Anonymous said...

I like how 10 miles is normal to you. And, how crazy to meet up with the Out of Shape Guy in the burbs. Anyway...have fun at happy hour this weekend - if it turns out to be a hit and you want to do it again in 1-2 weeks let me know because I'll be totally in.

Running Jayhawk said...

CRU!!!!!!!!!! I love it.

Now we need some rockstar symbol or CRU "sign" ... :)

John said...

I'll have a beer tomorrow night to celebrate your Motley Running CRU meet up :-)

BTW, where do you get the Jelly Belly Sport Beans? Any running store? I might have to check'em out as I start extending the long runs....

LeahC said...

Motley Running CRU...I love it!!!

I think you can go online to the jelly belly site and do store locator. I have seen the beans at most running stores usual though i would phone first :-)

Bob said...

Nice running you two, you are so so speedy.

I love Motley Running CRU as well, feeling sorry for myself that I am three miles north, wish I could come meet you guys. Soon enough however. Have a really fun Friday and meet up.

LeahC said...

hey bob-

we wish you could make it down as well. perhaps we'll have to do one of these dealys on a saturday and then you and your fam could come to chicago for a weekened get away!

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Looking forward to tonight!

(Perhaps I'll celebrate the occasion by wearing technical underwear.)

Running Jayhawk said...

Rumor has it Josh is celebrating the occassion by wearing MY technical underwear...well, technical running thong.

LeahC said...

AHAHAH!!! excellent.