Thursday, June 15, 2006

First we covered, then we re-covered

Today, we were slow.

And damn proud of it.

Say it Loud: I'm slow and I'm proud!

We decided to unplug and leave Garmin and Shuffle at home (we had used the iPod shuffle to aid in speed work, no need for that today) and went out and just ran slow and smooth for 4 miles, trying to de-lactate our very lactitious muscles that were taken to the very...wait for it...threshold yesterday. I think we met our goal of slowness and it hurt a lot less than last week, probably because the last recovery run we did was after a fast general-aerobic run where we didn't ice-bathe like we should have. We have no plans to make that mistake again and will be ice-bathing again tonight.

Poor Leah. I'm not sure if she's mentioned it, but she just can't warm up after taking an ice bath. The entire night, she's one big Leah-cicle. So, if you ever meet up with us on a Thursday or a Sunday, bring a hair-dryer and join the effort to re-heat Leah's core.

Today we have a 10 mile general aerobic. Last week we ended up running about an 8:30 pace, which is fine, although I'd like to start out a bit slower this week than we did last week. It just makes for a nicer run to start out a bit slower than you finish as it is easier to find a rhythm.

And, don't forget, tomorrow is the Great Running Blog Family Meetup at Goose Island (at North and Clybourn) hosted by Leah and Running Jayhawk. I've linked to it, but you can always find the link on our sidebar. They have great cheeseburgers, sandwiches, and jambalaya. Oh, and beer. The best beer in the city, to be exact.

We'll see you there.


Dawnie said...

I tend to follow the ice bath with a hot hot shower - maybe that would help her? I'm sure it's somewhat against the spirit of the thing, but I have decided I Do Not Care. Also, poor Leah.

Haight said...


:::PHEW::: Thanks...that felt good

Running Jayhawk said...

Awww....a Leah-Cicle!?!? Jason, isn't it YOUR job to get her all hot

See you crazy kids tomorrow night.

Jason said...

Well, the reason she hasn't been following the ice bath with a hot shower is because I've had to ice bathe after her. Maybe I should go first...

Oh, and I don't think that a hot shower would negate the ice bath at all. In fact, using heat to get the circulation going again would really help to clear out the waste fluids, I would think. I do believe that alternating cold/hot is an effective method of treatment.