Friday, June 16, 2006

Off Day

Well we were going to go work out at the YMCA. But instead took a walk around the neighborhood to get city stickers and neighborhood parking permits taken care of. It was probably a little over two miles and it was just nice to walk around a bit. We are so often stuck in the car commuting or running or working or sleeping that I never get to take advantage of the city (even if that advantage is just walking around). But everytime I just get a day or afternoon or whatever it makes all the commuting garbage worth it. Plus it's nice to have a day off every once in awhile. I'll do some situps and push ups here at the ol' apartment and then it's time to get ready for the CRU (for those of you that missed yesterday....thats the Chicago Runners Unite group....or well....the goofy!!!) dinner.

Tomorrow we have a busy day with a 4 mile run, then meeting up with kids from Fermi Lab for beers before the Cubs game, then the Cubs game, then my cousin Lisa and her boyfriend Evin are going to be in town Saturday night and staying with us (hence we are also frantically cleaning today and tomorrow). Then it's 14 miles on Sunday AND THEN it's back to midnight-8am this week for shifts. sucky sucky! I mean fun fun!

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Joe said...

Hey I'm taking today off too! It feels great. I'm not even doing situps or anything like that. The only exercise I'm getting is lifting a wine glass.