Tuesday, June 27, 2006

So. Sore.

For all of you out there who scoff at the athleticism of baseball players, let me assure you that they are better than you give them credit for (shame on you).

I played softball for 2 and a half hours yesterday. And today? I can make no movement that doesn't result in some level of pain...including breathing. My upper back, by obliques, my shoulders...everything. And to top it all off, by hamstrings, hip pointers, and groin are all super, duper tight.

People think baseball players are lame for always pulling their hammies? I'm amaze they don't pull them every day. A tweaked groin? Hell yeah, you should be glad that's all you got.

Softball is not the sport for us slow-twitch types. It frightens our bodies and makes them spasm. Hell, it even leveled one of our very own RBF members.

So, go ahead and mock the baseball players who just stand around waiting for a pitch to be hit. But realize this: you may be able to run in a straight line for longer than them, but they've got a whole 'nother kind of endurance to make it through a 162 game season without getting injured more often.

I mean, just look at them. They're beasts:


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should have done an ice bath after softball.

Josh said...

Jason, you are so right! You forget about all of those tiny muscles while you're playing, and the next day is nothing but pain. The funny the about my softball injury -- in the 15 years I played baseball (practially year round) never once did I get injured. Boo to getting older.

Bob said...

Hey Jason you might be right. As I watch the Cubs implode in the top of the ninth to my beloved brew crew all I can think is man those guys are beasts. Sorry I just couldn't resist. Your friend in running.


Jason said...

We don't mention the Cubs on this site.

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

I'm more impressed with Jason and Leah (and the other RBF's) than I am with the Cubs.

Haight said...

Jason...thanks for posting my pic. I finally got rid of the mullet

Bridgette said...

I tried to tell Chad that softball is no joke, but he thinks anything that doesn't result in men pummelling each other isn't a real sport.... JUST KIDDING HONEY! :) LOVE YOU!