Wednesday, June 21, 2006


This schedule is RIDONKULUS!!!

We fell asleep around 11am and I was so totally out it when our apartment buzzer rings. Now I have to tell you that our apartment buzzer is not just some regular nice ding dong sounding bell. It sounds like a fog horn and I am guessing can be heard in all the buildings around us. Needless to say when the bell goes off when we are sleeping it tends to wake us right up. Like a cartoon character jumping horizontally off the bed. I start running around the bedroom thinking,...actually I don't know what I was thinking....but I was running around going, "The bell? The alarm? The phone?...wait it's only 1:30. What day is it? Where am I?"

Jason runs downstairs to see who it is and as usual someone buzzed our bell for someone elses apartment. This happens all the time in our building. 3E AND 3W ARE DIFFERNT APARTMENTS! We need to put our name on the buzzer because it happens too frequently (When our pot smoking 22 year old neighbors lived here last summer they would have huge parties and people would be buzzing our apartement at like 3 in the morning....not great when those parties were just about every day of the week).

Ah, I digress...what was the title of this post...oh right Snap.

We actually ended up sleeping until 6:30 or so which was nice and then went out for a nice 5 mile recovery run. People it's hot out. So. Sticky. Oh well, we are making it through the run with nothing particluarly exciting happening and just when I was thinking that this was going to be a really boring post (actually it's still kinda boring...but oh well :-) ) I had to adjust the headband rubber band that I wear to keep the hairs out of my eyes as it was sliding back on my head. So I grab it to pull it forward and it slips out of my fingers and snaps right on my forehead like a giant rubber band. Ouch. Jason looked at me and said, "Well that's gonna leave a mark."

We didn't take garmin with us because I like to go with the ebb and flow of my body on the recovery runs and just...well...just run. No worries about pace or time or anything like that.

It's back to the lab tonight. I need to finish a presentation for the England conference. Tomorrow it's a 10 mile General Aerobic run.

Run. Work. Sleep. and Repeat. This is the life! (I really do love it!)


Tara said...

Leah, that "snapping" issue made me chuckle...not because I laugh at your pain, but because I use similar rubber band headbands and have that sliding back problem more frequently than I'd like. Everytime I readjust I wonder just when I'll get snapped. LOL! I also am amazed at your "10 mile General Aerobic Runs" this point 10 miles would be a General Death Run for me!

LeahC said...

hey tara-

you'll get there. last year at this time we weren't doing any runs like this....just goes to show the improvement in a year! So there are these headband things that have a "no slip" deal on the inner part. They are flat instead of round and then the inside part has like a rubber lining type thing on there. These help with the sliding back issue...although it still happens just not as frequently :-) I think they are by Goodie and are near all the other hair crap you can buy :-)

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

I have no useful comments, only a couple of random thoughts:

1) "General Aerobic Run" makes me think of General Tso's Chicken.  Mmmmm... General Tso's...

2) My mom offered to buy me a headband at FleetFeet yesterday, but then she remembered that I don't have any hair.

Good luck with your General Tso run today!

LeahC said...

oooh i love general tso's chicken :-) freakin' tasty. headbands are super cool even for the hairless :-)

Bob said...

I feel for you guys and your funky schedules. So humid here to I need something to keep the sweat out of my eyes.

LeahC said...

I saw a woman carrying around a bandana around with her yesterday, tucked into the shoulder of her tanktop. I thought that would be a perfect thing to have with to swipe sweat off a face before it hits the eyes. I had sweat in my eyes running on sunday and it was horrible.

Running Jayhawk said...

Dude...your schedule is insane.

Did you run by the skate boarding park by Cricket Hill yesterday? WTF was going on over there? So many folks it could've been Tony Hawk (he's a skateboarder, right?) doing an exhibition...