Thursday, June 22, 2006

Not Perfect But Complete

Well another weird run today. I don't know what the problem is. Ok that's total bullshit because I have an idea of what the problem might be. I am not sleeping well during these midnight shifts. Last "night" I woke up at 1pm, 2pm, 3,4 and 5 at which point I finally just got out of bed. I think we can all agree that this isn't the best nights sleep. Add that together with some pinwheel cookies (which are deliCIOUS!), peanut butter toast and too many liquids before we left I was just feeling kind of heavy out there.

We did the 10 miles, but we were all over the map on pace. We did the first mile in 9:28 which is fine because it's a warm up and so I don't really mind, then we were at 8:30, 8:38 which is all fine, then we hit some water and we were at 9:34, then 9:05 then 10:00 (another water stop...and I am starting to see the problem) Then 8:54, 9:21(water), 8:55 and 8:16 (holy ass I just totally remembered those without going back to the I am a cool cat!).

I think the problem is 3 water stops too close together and stopping for too long at each one. As soon as we make the turn around to come back home all starts to feel better because we know we don't have too far to go. So I think we should just make the turn and get water on the way back one more time.

So average 9:04 pace for 10 miles. Not great, but at least we finished.

I think another part of the problem and this happens a lot is I miss the summer. I miss going to bars to sit outside and drink cheap budweisers or going to the beach to swim and look at all the runners, or take long walks around the city like we used to do (we used to love to walk home from downtown). I don't think that it's the running that is stopping these fun activities but rather these ridiculous shift schedules. We just have to remember to do some of these little things to keep running from being a chore and instead just another fun summer activity that we get to do.

That being said, Jason and I are going to try and make it to one of our favorite summer festivites this weekend .... GAY PRIDE PARADE!!!! Since we are doing our long run on Saturday this week instead we are free on Sunday to go check it out. Unfortunatly unlike other years we have gone there will be no drinking (at least no crazy! drinking) because I have to go to work to shift in the evening. There might might have been a drinking incident last summer at the parade so I'm actually ok with this. We'll probably try and go catch the parade near Clark and Belmont so I can attempt a quick escape after the parade and head west to get to work. If anyone is planning on going let me know and perhaps we can meet up for an hour or two.

Happy Running everyone!


Haight said...

That's the best parade ever. Never a bad time, it's just so entertaining. Actually, I think there are more straight people that go

Unfortunately, can't make it this year. Lora is in her 1st triathlon in Naperville on Sunday.

Josh said...

I've heard a lot of good things about the parade, have fun!
And I complete understand missing the summer. Even though my shifts are pretty normal, I often skip out of some so I can train -- you all know how it is. Have a great weekend!

LeahC said...

haight-good luck to Lora! That's way exciting!

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Let me know how the parade is this year.  I ususally go, but this year it conflicts with the Intonation Music Festival.

You remember 10 miles of split times?

You don't stop your timer for water stops?

That's hardcore.

Jason said...

You don't stop your timer for water stops?

Well, you can't stop the chip time if you walk through a water station and we try to keep the training as similar to race conditions as possible. Both of us are big believers in training the way we are going to race in every way.

I'm impressed by the ten miles of splits too. Nice memory, Leah.

Intonation Music Festival - That's like, what? Gregorian Chant? That's pretty hardcore too.

One hour of work left to go!

Bob said...

9:05 is right in your wheelhouse for a GA run actually the only mile I didn't understand was the 8:16 why so fast. ;)But boy that sure sounds like my 19 miler on Wednesday, except I don't have places to stop for water.

That is so funny you love the GayPride Parade. Amy and I stumbled into the big one in NewYork City on our honeymoon and had a blast. It's a fun story that is far to long to tell here. Have fun and I will be on the trails with you running 13 tomorrow. Hydrating already and telling myself only a couple of beers today only a couple.....pray for me...

Jason said...

Bob -

19 miles...I'm impressed.

Yeah, some of our best times have been at the Gay Pride parade. The bar we used to frequent (key word being frequent) is one of the major points in the parade, so it would get a little crazy. It pays to be friendly with the bartenders, that's for sure.

I'm staying up after my last midnight-8am shift until after the parade so that I don't have to miss it. I can't wait.

Running Rabbit said...

Ah man! Why can't Cincinnati have a gay pride parade?? I love it!

Haight said...

Cincinnati had Jerry Springer as a mayor...and yet no gay parade?

Running Jayhawk said...

If you hit up the pride parade, we want pictures!!! :)

Let the record show I would LOVE to have a mile at any of those split times. day!

Tara said...

Have fun at the Parade...when I was like 14 there was one at DisneyWorld....definately take pics!!

Keep up the good work with running...but get some rest guys!!

Leah...tag you're it...check out my blog. Hope you'll play! :)